Analyze Like a Hacker with Itai Yonat

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Find out how to monitor and prevent potential threats

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • Real life data leak examples
  • Supply chain vulnerabilities
  • IoT, SCADA and infrastructure breaches
  • Q&A session

Meet our hosts:

Liran Sorani
Cyber Business Unit Manager
With over 10 years in the Intelligence and Cyber realm, Liran leads the mapping and aggregation of dark web data, helping organizations fight cyber crimes.
Itai Yonat
CEO Intercept-9500
With over 20 years’ experience in the military intelligence, Itai specializes in hacking-related issues, cyber security and cyber threat early warning intelligence.

About Intercept-9500

Intercept 9500 is a boutique intelligence company providing all kinds of intelligence: background checks and due diligence, physical security intelligence and cyber security related intelligence. Customers include a variety of government branches, large corporations and high net worth individuals.

About Webhose

Webhose provides on-demand access to web data feeds that empower you to build, launch and scale data-driven operations as you grow. With extensive coverage across the major dark networks and messaging apps, data collected on Webhose helps organizations prevent cyber crimes.

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Protecting Fortune 500 Companies with
Dark Web Monitoring

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