The Future State of 3rd Party Risk Analysis

Cut costs, reduce risks, and drive efficiency in governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC), and defend against cybersecurity threats to employees.

Deep digital risk analysis automation can cut costs, reduce risks, and drive efficiency in risk management, governance, and compliance (GRC), and defend against cybersecurity threats to employees. These managed SaaS solutions are not only scalable but easy to manage and implement while being affordable and driving immediate ROI.

What you’ll learn:

  • The current state of internal PII exposure and 3rd party potential security risks

  • How comprehensive data collected can mitigate damage from PII data exposed online

  • Exploring the top indicators of PII risk and online data exposed that attackers exploit

  • Understanding automated third-party risk management (TPRM)

  • The need for ongoing monitoring across a vast collection of data

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Meet our hosts:

Liran Sorani
Cyber Business Unit Manager @Webhose
With over 10 years' experience in Intelligence and Cyber solutions, Liran heads the Cyber Business Unit at Webhose. He is an expert in the deep and dark collection of data as well as new network discovery and has vast experience in social media and dark web analysis, building and deploying dozens of intelligence solutions and services for security organizations across the globe.
Aaron Barr
CTO & Co- Founder @PiiQ Risk
Aaron is a recognized expert in information operations and exploitation, social engineering, open source intelligence, and digital covert operations. Previously he served as a program manager at Northrop Grumman, leading three technical operations programs for three separate US intelligence agencies from 2001-2010, while also serving as Northrop Grumman's Technical Director.

About PiiQ Risk

PiiQ Media is a deep analytics solution provider that collects and quickly delivers precise risk posture data interpreted into digestible and implementable risk management tasks. PiiQ’s solutions are used by MSP / MSSPs and enterprises for security professionals to easily protect end clients from threat actors that attack “humanware”. Personal data is most commonly stolen and used during an attacker’s reconnaissance then used to exploit the human layer to infiltrate an organization. PiiQ identifies and protects the humans exposed data and the organization, to build stronger intelligence that creates an impenetrable human firewall. PiiQ’s awareness training helps end-users to identify social engineering leaks with prescriptive measures to shore up exposed personally identifiable information (PII), unique to each end-user. At PiiQ People Are the New Perimeter.

About Webhose

Webhose is the leading data collection provider turning unstructured web content into machine-readable data feeds. It delivers comprehensive, up-to-the-minute coverage of the open, deep, and dark web. Webhose API and its historical archive include millions of news articles, blog posts, online discussions, forums, and review sites in all languages, and it’s being utilized among others for cybersecurity, financial analysis, market research, web monitoring, and AI and machine learning sectors.

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