Social media API, from a vast number of global online sources: Message boards & Forums, Blogs, Comments, Reviews, News and more...

Social Media Data Mining

Social media data and online content in general, are essential for brand monitoring platforms, social media analytics solutions, reputation tracking systems, and other big data solutions. You can consume data from specific platforms (like Twitter, WordPress, Disqus etc) by using solutions like Gnip or Datasift, but what about the rest of the web? What about social media aggregation from message boards and forums? What about blogs posts, and news articles? developed the technology to crawl and extract clean data and meta data from hundreds of thousands sites, downloading millions of posts a day.

You can tap into this clean, structured data from across the web by using RESTful API. By leveraging our simple yet advanced search query capabilities, lets you slice and dice its social media collection according to your needs, and because the API is compatible with any software system (either via JSON, XML, RSS or Excel), integration is a breeze.