News Monitoring API for structured data from millions of global online news outlets

News Scraping

Scraping news articles is important if you want to analyse and monitor current events. You may want to monitor the news for information about certain products, companies or persons. You may want to analyze trends or extract insights out of the text.

The question is what is the most effective way of obtaining the data? The go to method is usually either using a crawler or a scraper to obtain the data, but that means that you need to manage a list of sources, defining the specific crawlers or scrapers for the many different news sites out there. You may even need to use a dedicated server or pay a 3rd party company to host your scrapers. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

With, you don’t necessarily have to build a crawler or use a scraper. does the heavy lifting for you. Our crawlers download and structure millions of posts a day, we store and index the data so all you have to do is to define what part of the data you need.

You want only news articles about “Obama”? You got it! You want news articles or blog posts in a certain language? Country? No problem. It is a simple and cost effective solution for obtaining data from the web that will save you a lot of time and money, so you could focus on what you do with the data and not on how to obtain it.