Discover Digital Threats From The Dark Web

Get your copy of the top digital risks to your organization and customers are exposed to in the dark web which we gathered from our Dark Web API.

Deliver Greater Visibility into External Threats

Our dark web data feeds help organizations identify, detect, and mitigate against active threats across a wide variety of verticals.

Brand Protection

Mitigate risk factors such as counterfeiting attempts, unlicensed use, and leaked information to protect your brand before a crisis strikes.

Digital Risk Feed

Safeguard your customers from the latest fraud services, scams, vulnerabilities, illegal trading, and compromised data using robust cyber threat feeds that include IPs, domains, and crypto addresses.

Fraud Detection

Create proactive alerting systems for leaked credit card numbers and other confidential information. Investigate cryptocurrency transactions via blockchain addresses.

Law Enforcement

Monitor darknet marketplaces and other arenas of illicit trafficking for drugs, weapons and hacking tools. Discover hidden communications between bad actors.

Defend Against Cyber Threats with Dark Web Monitoring

Phishing Attacks

Leaked Credentials

Vulnerabilities - Variation and Prioritization

Fraud Attacks

Account Takeovers

Unauthorized Access

Leaked Company IP

Get Your Digital Risk Samples

Make sure your organization and customers are protected against these digital threats.

Protecting Fortune 500 Companies with
Dark Web Monitoring

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