Data Breach Detection API

Integrate Webhose’s Data Breach feeds into your system via our super-simple API. Prevent account takeover, fraud, impersonation, and ramp up your data breach detection.


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Reveal Your Compromised Data

Every second, millions of stolen data credentials are exposed on the Deep and Dark Web. Don’t let your data be tomorrow’s headline!

Boost Brand Protection

Gain peace of mind with improved risk detection and comprehensive breach coverage that includes constant discovery of new dark web networks, sites, applications, and more.

Optimize Time and Resources

Don’t waste time collecting unstructured dark web data. Our automated data engine constantly streams structured data feeds to discover new leaks and breaches.

Outsmart Malicious Hackers

Identify compromised data before it ends up in tomorrow’s headlines. Defend against future hacks or data breaches with continuous access to comprehensive  streams of data.

Discover Breached Data Faster

Monitor and uncover compromised data with our automated engine that delivers relevant up-to-the-minute data coverage and faster, smarter crawling cycles.

Webhose Got You Covered

The Next Generation of Data Breach Detection

Wide and Comprehensive Coverage

Guard your business against the most recent leaks with our automated engine that constantly discovers new sources of leaked data – and includes up to 5 years of compromised history.

Multi-Entity Support

Move beyond the standard detection of compromised emails and passwords to include user ID, CC, account names, SSN, phone numbers, and more.

One Single Endpoint

Gain access to a wide range of leaked records from different dark web networks, sites, and applications through a single API query.

Continuous Monitoring

Quick crawling cycles deliver you the most relevant, up-to-the-minute coverage of the dark web so you’ll never have to worry about missing a data point.

Smart Connectivity

Identify the original context connected to the leak, whether it be specific actors or forums – with a link to the raw data – to better manage risks.

Domain Threat Feed

Mitigate risks of leaks that are currently being traded on dark web marketplaces and get the damage under control before it’s too late.

Talk to a Data Breach Expert

Learn how you can get comprehensive coverage with Webhose’s Data Breach Detection API.

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