Stream Dark Web Crawled Data and Prevent Cyber Threats

Use Webhose darkweb crawlers to monitor and respond to sensitive information leaked or abused, scan for non-public (NPI),
personal identification (PII) or any other susceptible information published on the dark web

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Find the data you need to detect, investigate and act on malicious activity

Full Coverage offers superior coverage of the TOR network with millions of .onion sites crawled daily.

Simplified Data Extraction

Save developer time and money - focus on your core competence instead of writing scrapers.

Access Hidden Content

The dark web crawler extracts encrypted and password-protected material.

Actionable Data

Get a structured JSON or XML with a simple API call, so you can start mining and analyzing immediately.

Near Real-Time

Identify and respond to new content as it gets published on the darknet.


Reduce noise with granular filtering: keywords, actors, sites and many other advanced filters.

360 Darknet Coverage Available





Paste Sites

Cyber News

How Cyber Security Organizations Take Advantage of Webhose Crawled Dark Web Data

Law Enforcement

Monitor darknet marketplaces and other arenas of illicit trafficking in drugs, weapons and hacking tools, and see hidden communications between bad actors

National Security and Intelligence

Detect planned cyber attacks, identify recruitment attempts and propaganda being spread by terrorist organizations

Financial Fraud Detection

Create proactive alerting systems for leaked credit card numbers and other confidential information, and investigate cryptocurrency transactions via blockchain addresses

Brand Protection

Mitigate risk factors such as counterfeiting attempts, unlicensed use, and leaked information to protect your brand before a crisis strikes.

Healthcare Security

Continuously scan the web for compromised electronic medical records or sensitive information, as well as to detect threats around IoT

See How Webhose Extracts and Structures Darkweb Content

Protecting Fortune 500 Companies with
Dark Web Monitoring

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