eCommerce Product Data Sets: Stay Informed Of Market Trends

Track the entire online retail industry using an extensive repository of e-Commerce product data feeds and perform on-demand analyses for your e-Commerce industry

Extensive e-Commerce Product Data Feeds Waiting to Be Analyzed

Thousands of websites crawled daily to provide you with up-to-the-minute data on products, pricing trends and more.
Advanced features include:

Pricing Information

Track retailer pricing trends and stay up to date on pricing changes with up-to-the-minute and historical data queries covering an extensive array of retailer sites.

Aggregated Reviews

Gain insight into product behaviors and market inclinations. e-Commerce queries include aggregated product reviews and listings from across the web.

Inventory Status

Monitor and track products’ availability and verify that your business maintains a competitive edge using the in-stock filter.

Product Properties

Access all the data information you need about specific products in one place with advanced product property filters including rating, reviews counts, price, description, and much more.

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Posts Indexed Daily

How Companies Use Webhose e-Commerce Data Feeds

Financial Analysis

Eliminate blind spots and improve your pricing structures using Webhose e-Commerce data feeds. Conduct historical financial analyses of the trends that shape your market. Learn more

Market Research

Monitor shifts in pricing structures, identify fluctuations and gain insight into your competitive landscape with machine-readable structured data feeds from thousands of e-Commerce sites across the globe. Learn more

AI & Machine Learning

Use a rich set of structured data from thousands of retailer sites and integrate pricing history into your machines in order to train them to create better automated pricing models. Learn more

Price Comparison

Maintain an edge over your competition by tracking changes in pricing and compare prices across brands in order to ensure your business stays aligned with market trends.

How Webhose eCommerce Data Feeds Work

Our e-Commerce product data feed is updated daily from a huge repository of retailer sources. Webhose crawls thousands of sites daily, and structures it into machine-readable feeds. Granular filtering enables you to access the exact data you need to monitor products, set pricing models and stay ahead of your competitors.

RESTful API text

Learn about our standard developer tools for customized and filtered web data feeds

Tap into the Enterprise Firehose

Access raw data in bulk with unfiltered web data feeds​

See How Webhose Extracts and Structures e-Commerce Content

See below filtered output results in JSON format from the following query:


site_type:blogs thread.title:(big data) language:english

 "posts": [
   "thread": {
     "uuid": "4c65817202d28e5f2efb4875d60382eba4af82e1",
     "url": "",
     "site_full": "",
     "site": "",
     "site_section": "",
     "site_categories": [],
     "section_title": "PubMed ORL Articles by Alexandros G.Sfakianakis",
     "title": "Vocal palsy increases the risk of lower respiratory tract infection in low-risk low-morbidity patients undergoing thyroidectomy for benign disease: a big data analysis.",
     "title_full": "Vocal palsy increases the risk of lower respiratory tract infection in low-risk low-morbidity patients undergoing thyroidectomy for benign disease: a big data analysis.",
     "published": "2017-06-16T14:10:19.000+03:00",
     "replies_count": 0,
     "participants_count": 1,
     "site_type": "blogs",
     "country": "GR",
     "spam_score": 0.0,
     "main_image": null,
     "performance_score": 0,
     "domain_rank": null,
     "social": {
       "facebook": {
         "likes": 0,
         "comments": 0,
         "shares": 0
       "gplus": {
         "shares": 0
       "pinterest": {
         "shares": 0
       "linkedin": {
         "shares": 0
       "stumbledupon": {
         "shares": 0
       "vk": {
         "shares": 0

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