Online Discussions Data Feed: Get Near Real-Time Insights From Social Content

Webhose’s online discussion data feed delivers comprehensive coverage from millions of online discussions across message boards, review sites, and forums in JSON or XML formats

Vast Coverage of Online Forums & Message Boards Across the Globe

Never miss a single relevant social post. Slice and dice data by source, language or any other filter that your business needs.
Advanced features include:

Comprehensive Coverage

Get ever-expanding coverage of online discussions across message boards, review sites, and forums in over 80 languages in every connected country and territory.


Gain access to public opinion and customer sentiment from a wide variety of social media platforms in order to understand trends on social channels.

Granular Access

Filter your data to access only the most relevant online discussions that you need by author, post text, publication date, country, and more.

Unified Feed

Uncover social posts in their entirety from multiple sources, grouped together into one aggregated format.

1 M
Posts Indexed Daily
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1 TB
Historical Data

How Companies Use Webhose’s Online Discussion Feeds

Financial Analysis

Consume online discussions from a huge repository of sources to make data-driven investment decisions. Monitor public sentiment to more accurately predict stock performance. Learn more

Market Research

Transform unstructured data into key business insights that offers the latest industry trends, competitor landscape and new products on the market. Learn more

AI & Machine Learning

Get real discussions by real people from millions of online forums to help train your chatbot models and build smarter machines. Learn more

Media & Web Monitoring

Receive up-to-the-minute comprehensive coverage of trending online discussions as they spread across the web with our Forum Search API. Learn more

How Webhose’s Online Discussion Data Feed Works

Our crawlers scan millions of online forums and turn their content into a simple structured data feed. Using our simple RESTful API you can tap into a repository of millions of online posts crawled, cleaned and aggregated for you to consume. Our granular filters allow you to receive only the most relevant data so you won’t have to miss a single social post again.

RESTful API text

Learn about our standard developer tools for customized and filtered web data feeds

Tap into the Enterprise Firehose

Access raw data in bulk with unfiltered web data feeds​

See How Webhose Extracts and Structures
Online Discussions Data Content

See below filtered output results in JSON format from the following query:



   "thread": {
     "uuid": "d3e269f94f2a9322c00d2bd39ca733f2b94e7cd1",
     "url": "",
     "site_full": "",
     "site": "",
     "site_section": "",
     "site_categories": [],
     "section_title": "Critical Failures — Penny Arcade",
     "title": "[Poké] PKMN - A League Of Your Own - Page 5",
     "title_full": "[Poké] PKMN - A League Of Your Own - Page 5 — Penny Arcade",
     "published": "2017-06-16T00:23:00.000+03:00",
     "replies_count": 21,
     "participants_count": 6,
     "site_type": "discussions",
     "country": "US",
     "spam_score": 0.003,
     "main_image": "",
     "performance_score": 0,
     "domain_rank": 8253,
     "social": {
       "facebook": {
         "likes": 0,
         "comments": 0,
         "shares": 0
       "gplus": {
         "shares": 0
       "pinterest": {
         "shares": 0
       "linkedin": {
         "shares": 0
       "stumbledupon": {
         "shares": 0
       "vk": {
         "shares": 0
   "uuid": "45b46900c9e748116c18bf1d5a0c37215bcf2f25",
   "url": "",
   "ord_in_thread": 21,
   "author": "discrider",
   "published": "2017-06-18T09:56:00.000+03:00",
   "title": "",
   "text": "Pleasure , replies Richter, shaking her hand and eyeing off her journal...
   "highlightText": "",
   "highlightTitle": "",
   "language": "english",
   "external_links": [
   "entities": {
     "persons": [],
     "organizations": [],
     "locations": []
   "rating": null,
   "crawled": "2017-06-18T16:22:40.000+03:00"

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