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Get comprehensive, up-to-the-minute coverage of news articles as the story breaks

The News Data Feed

Comprehensive Coverage

Get Ever-expanding coverage of News articles including full text and related reader comments in over 80 languages across every connected country and territory

Low Latency Access

Up-to-the-minute access to news articles as the story breaks and spreads across the web

Granular Filtering

On-demand consumption of structured data enables you to focus on all (and nothing but) the news you can use

1 M
Posts Indexed Per Day
1 M
Crawled Pages
1 TB
Of Historical Data

Main Features


Flexible self-serve plans support scalable and rapid growth without compromising on quality of data

Unlimited Source Addition

Add as many new sources as you like and see results in days

Quick & Flexible Integration

Get started in minutes using familiar developer tools and access the data in your favorite format

Multiple Formats

You choose the result format that fits your platform: XML, RSS, JSON – We have them all!

No-Brainer Pricing

Start on our Freemium plan and scale up when you’re ready. No credit card!

Historical Archive

Download a snapshot of the web dating back to December 2014

How Helps Companies Enhance Their Offerings

News Media Monitoring & Social Intelligence

News Media Monitoring & Social Intelligence

Track the conversation as web content spreads across the blogosphere so you can tell the difference between 15 minutes of viral fame and a new digital trend you can’t afford to ignore

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

Ensure your analysis is plugged into comprehensive and up-to-the-minute news coverage complete with entity extraction

Market Research

Market Research

Deliver data-driven insights at scale to identify critical market trends

Cybersecurity Intelligence

Cybersecurity Intelligence

Tap into comprehensive, up-to-the minute OSINT coverage of the news

How Web Data Feeds Work

Developers, entrepreneurs, business executives, and even academic researchers can all get started immediately with zero budget -- but still get access the same web data feeds that power high growth operations and Fortune 500 companies. The deal is pretty simple. We provide up-to-the-minute web data feeds on a massive scale so you can access them efficiently and focus on what you do best

Get your RESTful API token!

Learn about our standard developer tools for customized and filtered web data feeds

Tap into the Enterprise Firehose!

Access raw data in bulk with unfiltered web data feeds

News Output Example

See below filtered output results in JSON format from the following query:


performance_score:>0 (title:"United States" OR title:US)

  "posts": [
      "thread": {
        "uuid": "36a5a0565f63054e4396f2d1c410c51fafd98888",
        "url": "",
        "site_full": "",
        "site": "",
        "site_section": "",
        "site_categories": [],
        "section_title": "Paul Tan's Automotive News",
        "title": "First US-spec Honda Civic Type R sells for US$200,000",
        "title_full": "First US-spec Honda Civic Type R sells for US$200,000",
        "published": "2017-06-16T10:09:52.000+03:00",
        "replies_count": 0,
        "participants_count": 1,
        "site_type": "blogs",
        "country": "SG",
        "spam_score": 0.0,
        "main_image": "",
        "performance_score": 8,
        "domain_rank": 3936,
        "social": {
          "facebook": {
            "likes": 831,
            "comments": 0,
            "shares": 831,

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