Detect the Latest Breached Data in One Place

Stay afloat of risks by monitoring the most recent data breaches and detect compromised personally identifiable information (PII) with Webhose’s data service.

Put a Stop to More Data Leaks Before It’s Too Late

Major Data Breaches
Company Comprimised
# Records Date of
Dubsmash Account 264M Feb-19
MyFitnessPal Account 48M Jun-19 Account 40M Jan-19
Yahoo Account 38M Jan-19
N/A Multiple Account 31M May-19
Latest Data Breaches
Company Comprimised
# Records Date of
Origin Accounts 318K Aug 8, 2019
Twitter Accounts 197K Aug 8, 2019
Gmail Accounts 57K Aug 4, 2019
N/A Multiple Accounts 97K Aug 7, 2019
Car Pakistan Accounts 23K Aug 3, 2019

Every second, millions of stolen data credentials are exposed on the Deep and Dark Web

Get immediate access to continuously scanned data that Webhose provides to mitigate damage -- from identity theft to medical, financial and eCommerce fraud.

Recently Compromised Data

The more recent the data, the greater the risk to your organization. Webhose continuously monitors and collects the latest data leaks from the past 6 months in the Dark Web, delivering breached data to you the moment it is detected.

Robust Data Coverage

The Dark Web contains a variety of different marketplaces, file hosting, forums and chat messaging platforms such as Telegram, Discord and IRC. Webhose’s PII leaks repository includes all these sources and more - so you won’t miss a single data point.

Early Warning and Detection

Recent leaks are regularly gathered from a wide variety of sources from the many different darknets - enabling you to detect and mitigate damage from Webhose’s leaks repository before more damage occurs. You can then identify the actors responsible for the leaks or breaches with Webhose’s Cyber API.

Data Leak Pattern Detection

Identify the first instances of compromised data leaks in various sources in the darknets - giving national security and intelligence agencies an important tool for discovering patterns in cybercriminal activity.

How Cyber Security Organizations Use Webhose to Detect Data Breaches

Financial Fraud

Detect leaked credit card numbers, bank account and social security numbers before they can be used for wide scale malicious intent by cybercriminals.

Retail eCommerce Fraud

Stop cybercriminals in their tracks from creating false identities and using them to apply for government benefits, open false bank accounts, or file fraudulent income tax returns.

Identity Theft

Prevent costs incurred from leaked payment card information such as unverified online transactions, identity theft and stolen credit cards.

Medical Fraud

Identify the first signs of leaked hospital records and medical insurance to fight against false insurance claims and the sale of prescription drugs on the black market.