Blog Search API: Get Full Data Coverage of the Blogosphere in Near Real-Time

Webhose’s blog data feed extracts raw data into structured,

machine readable data in either JSON or XML formats

Machine-Readable Data Feeds from Millions of Blogs

Whether you’re tracking influencers, analyzing comments or researching sentiments, Webhose has you covered. Get data on social signals, entities, performance score, talkbacks and more.
Advanced features include:

Social Signals

Track and discover social influencers engaging on the blogospheres by leveraging social signal filters.

Talkbacks & Comments

Get data from the entire blog thread for a more
accurate context of topics.

Granular Filtering

Refine your queries to deliver only the most relevant blogs from a specific topic, date, author, keyword and more.


Distinguish ambiguities in texts with entity extraction and sentiment analysis.


Tap into customer and brand sentiment or public opinion about specific persons and organizations.

Performance Score

Monitor performance with Webhose’s customizable
in-house algorithm that grades posts by how viral they are.

1 M
Posts Indexed Daily
0 M
1 TB
Historical Data

How Companies Use Webhose’s Blog Data Feeds

Financial Analysis

Get access to a huge repository of financial blog posts and find out what opinion leaders on the leading financial blogosphere have to say. Learn more

Market Research

Discover any mention or comment of competing companies, products or services that will guide your business decisions. Learn more

AI & Machine Learning

Improve your algorithms and sentiment analysis or receive training data for NLP with access to Webhose’s structured datasets Learn more

Media & Web Monitoring

Receive up-to-the-minute comprehensive coverage of trending blog posts as they spread across the web Learn more

How Webhose Blogs Data Feed Work

Webhose crawlers scan and index blogs from anywhere in the open web. Using our API you can get access to the most recently updated content as well as a huge historical repository of posts from the blogosphere. Get only the most relevant data you need - on demand and at scale.

RESTful API text

Learn about our standard developer tools for customized and filtered web data feeds

Tap into the Enterprise Firehose

Access raw data in bulk with unfiltered web data feeds​

See How Webhose Extracts and Structures Blog Search Data

See below filtered output results in JSON format from the following query:


site_type:blogs thread.title:(big data) language:english

 "posts": [
   "thread": {
     "uuid": "4c65817202d28e5f2efb4875d60382eba4af82e1",
     "url": "",
     "site_full": "",
     "site": "",
     "site_section": "",
     "site_categories": [],
     "section_title": "PubMed ORL Articles by Alexandros G.Sfakianakis",
     "title": "Vocal palsy increases the risk of lower respiratory tract infection in low-risk low-morbidity patients undergoing thyroidectomy for benign disease: a big data analysis.",
     "title_full": "Vocal palsy increases the risk of lower respiratory tract infection in low-risk low-morbidity patients undergoing thyroidectomy for benign disease: a big data analysis.",
     "published": "2017-06-16T14:10:19.000+03:00",
     "replies_count": 0,
     "participants_count": 1,
     "site_type": "blogs",
     "country": "GR",
     "spam_score": 0.0,
     "main_image": null,
     "performance_score": 0,
     "domain_rank": null,
     "social": {
       "facebook": {
         "likes": 0,
         "comments": 0,
         "shares": 0
       "gplus": {
         "shares": 0
       "pinterest": {
         "shares": 0
       "linkedin": {
         "shares": 0
       "stumbledupon": {
         "shares": 0
       "vk": {
         "shares": 0

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