Archived Web Data: Analyze the Past
to Predict the Future

Supercharge your research and analysis with extensive coverage of archived web datasets
going as far back as 2008

Webhose Archived Data Features

Feed your business analysis tools with over 100TB of historical content, leverage structured, machine-readable data from multiple sources including news, blogs, reviews, and more.
Advanced features include:

Extensive Global Coverage

Access historical feeds covering over 10 years’ worth of data from across the globe and gain a detailed understanding of your market.


Get structured, machine-readable datasets in XML or JSON formats and easily mine the data for analytical insights.

Advanced Filters

Find the data you’re looking for to conduct granular analyses and build the datasets you actually need.

Flexible Pricing

Access a huge repository of data feeds without having to worry about covering extra fees. Flexible, commitment-free plans available.

1 M
Posts Indexed Daily
0 M
1 TB
Historical Data

How Companies Use Webhose Archived Data Feeds

Financial Analysis

Correlate data against stock performance over time, detect trends and predict the market with 10 years’ worth of featured articles from thousands of sources. Predict the market and stay ahead of your competition. Learn more

Market Research

See where the market has gone and where it can go with access to over 100TB of historical data. Extract relevant web content to help shape product launches and determine where and how to shape your business footprint. Learn more

AI & Machine Learning

Use NLP, machine learning and sentiment analysis to unveil hidden insights. With extensive data spanning as far back as 2008, easily build and train machine models to improve and automate your business goals. Learn more

Media & Web Monitoring

Improve your coverage and gain perspective on brands you’re managing with historical data across thousands of sources. Create a better brand equity and ensure you’re ahead of your competition. Learn more

How Webhose Archived Data Work

Our archived data offer a huge repository of sources comprised of news, reviews, blogs, forums and online discussions. Filter and create datasets covering particular topics, organizations, time periods and more. To get started, simply create a Webhose account, run your search query and get results in JSON or XML formats.

See it in Action: Download a Sample of Archived Data

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