Getting Access to Data Feeds in Real-Time

Real-time data feeds are particularly important for receiving data connected to live updates from sports events, social streams, stock reports, weather updates and transportation data. For organizations that deliver this type of data, it is essential that their data feeds have the ability to collect, gather and deliver data from the web each and every second.
On the other hand, organizations that need to collect data for the purposes of cyber and intelligence, news and media monitoring, financial analysis, market research or build machine learning or natural language processing (NLP) datasets will find that live data collected in near real-time is more than sufficient.
But if your organization needs data feeds that crawl and deliver data every second in real-time, a scraping solution might be more suitable for your needs.

Comprehensive Yet Granular Data Coverage

Webhose’s web data feeds offer accurate, up-to-date information from relevant online, app reviews or rated discussion sources about your brand that can be vital for keeping tabs on the dynamic nature of product sentiment and the voice of the customer. Our web crawlers are scheduled to collect data from major websites, several times a day and deliver it to you in a structured, machine-readable format – including JSON, XML, RSS or Excel file – ready for analysis.
Our live data feed coverage delivers comprehensive coverage of news, blogs, online discussions and reviews with options for granular pre-filtering of your data, so you only receive relevant sources for your product or service. Extract news, blogs, and reviews relevant to product or brand mentions, sentiment or ratings reviews, or from a particular source or in a specific language in near real-time.
We also offer dark web data feeds that include comprehensive coverage of the darknets along with millions of sites, files, marketplaces and messaging platforms crawled daily.
In other words, we deliver customized data requests for the open as well as deep and dark web — at scale and on-demand.

Up-to-the-Minute Latency with Simple Integration’s API provides near-real-time structured data that easily integrates with a variety of software applications so you can crawl and extract data from millions of web pages and thousands of sources. Our current API response time is 0.02 seconds, which is far lower than the average API response time of 1 second. This low latency is critical in gathering information such as online reviews, which are quickly out-of-date and need to be constantly crawled and extracted to stay current on the trends for your industry.
Leading brand and media monitoring companies around the world rely on our web data feeds to learn who’s been talking about them online and what’s being said about them. Our low latency and easy integration also enables organizations and researchers to use our data in a wide variety of ways, from keeping track of restaurant reviews to analyzing the results of the 2016 United States Presidential elections and creating a browser application for the detection of fake news.

Shai Schwartz

Shai Schwartz is the VP of Customer Success at, a leading web data provider used by hundreds of data analytics, cybersecurity and web monitoring companies worldwide. Previously, he was VP of pre/post sales at Idioma, an end-to-end proprietary AI platform provider for TV and radio broadcast monitoring.

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