The Tools You Can Use to Monitor the Dark Web

Many different tools exist today that monitor the Dark Web. These include various scanners, crawlers and scrapers that crawl the darknets to find sensitive data that could be linked to data breaches, financial fraud, future terrorist attacks or criminal activity.
But these scanners, crawlers and scrapers seeking to search the Dark Web have some tough obstacles to overcome.
First, content on the dark web is often elusive and fleeting; content that is found one day on one network might not be there the next. Criminals advertising plans on one marketplace or platform will take it down or shift it between different domains.
What’s more, since the dark web lacks a standard search engine, it’s difficult to find the specific information you are looking for. In addition, criminals often make up their own lingo as another step to avoid detection, so performing a search for a type of drug or particular personal identification information (PII) is not always as simple as it seems.

Safely Tap into Dark Web Data

Leading cyber data feeds have ways to overcome these barriers, however. They can scan and extract data from the many different sites, files, marketplaces, darknets, and even chat messaging platforms – while protecting your anonymity while at the same time. What’s more, they understand the lingo criminals use, like DUMP (full credit card magnetic info) or fullz (full package of individual information). Knowing the right search terms enables you to offer sources to your customers that have more accurate data. Our laser-focused granular filtering includes the ability to search the darknets according to site name, keywords, wallet IDS, email address, phone numbers, and social security numbers in addition to other PII.
In response to these challenges, Webhose’s dark data feeds also provide an anonymized network and infrastructure to protect the identity of your organization. You’ll gain access to data, including hidden content from the furthest ends of the darknets, such as encrypted and password-protected illicit content. At the same time, you’ll also ensure the complete and secure protection of your identity.
Please note that due to the sensitive nature of the dark web, access to the Webhose Cyber API is restricted.

The Dark Web Data Provider of the Future

Webhose’s Cyber API delivers comprehensive dark data feeds from a number of new darknets with millions of sites, files, marketplaces and chat platforms crawled daily. With our simplified data extraction, you’ll be able to access both structured and unstructured data — all from a single endpoint. Save time and resources by using advanced dark data feeds rather than building your own crawlers or web scrapers.
Today, top law enforcement and national security officials around the world look to our advanced cyber data feeds to assist them in tracking criminals and mitigating crime. More and more organizations — from the healthcare industry and banking to Fortune 500 companies — are also turning to advanced dark web data feeds to protect their brand and mitigate security breaches.

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