The Advantages of a Blog Search API

Having on demand access to machine-readable blog data feeds in near real-time from millions of blogs is essential. That’s why leading organizations around the world rely on blog data feeds to keep track of the latest trends and news in their industry. Some of the world’s largest online brands rely on them to constantly monitor fluctuations in product pricing in addition to customer sentiment on the latest product line. Media monitoring companies use them to keep track of the latest trends as well as mentions of the competition for a wide range of customers from different industries. And financial organizations leverage them from a massive repository of both new and historical data to enrich their predictive analytics and risk modeling.
But for each of these organizations, it is vital for them to be able to tap into structured blog data feeds that deliver comprehensive coverage of the subject matter they are seeking.

Comprehensive Yet Relevant Coverage of Data from the Web

The truth is that you don’t need 100% coverage of the web. What you want instead is
effective coverage that delivers maximum results using the finite resources your
organization already has. Organizations responsible for keeping track of the latest
product trends or up-to-date news can’t afford to miss even a single data
As a response to this critical need, Webhose’s Blog Search API includes advanced filters that
deliver comprehensive yet relevant coverage of the web through the ability to search
through millions of blog posts by keyword, language, country, specific topic, publication
date, author, and more. In addition, comprehensive coverage of relevant blogs in a specific
industry or on a specific subject can be an excellent source of sentiment analysis, which
Webhose’s advanced filters also offer as a search option. With Webhose’s API you can filter
and consume the data your application needs in multiple formats, including JSON, XML, RSS
and Excel.
You can also gain access to Webhose’s historical archive going back to 2008 that include
crawled blog posts from thousands of online websites according to their publication date.
Many research institutions and organizations use the blog data feeds from our historical
archive to develop their own AI and machine learning models.

Blog Data Feeds On Demand and at Scale

Perhaps you’re a quickly growing business or an established brand looking to develop a new
product line. You’ll need to be able to increase your blog data coverage on demand at an
affordable price and avoid yearly plans or plans where thousands of dollars in upfront
payments are required. Webhose’s data plans are monthly, with the ability to change your
API limit or switch programs at any time.

Ran Geva

Ran Geva is the co-founder and CEO of, a leading web data provider used by hundreds of data analytics, cybersecurity and web monitoring companies worldwide. Before co-founding, he was the co-founder of Buzilla Ltd, a web monitoring and analytics company that helps brands track, monitor, analyze and extract insight from online content.

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