Get Access to Comprehensive Coverage of the Web

When it comes to data measurement, the first question most researchers, data scientists, and even business executives ask is how they can receive complete web coverage.
The truth is that 100% web coverage is next to impossible, regardless of the type of web data provider you choose. Due to the very nature of the web, which is a constantly evolving and fragmented collection of unstructured data, you won’t ever crawl it completely. Instead, you’ll need to make intelligent compromises when extracting and structuring the data as a preparation for data analysis.
In other words, no matter what kind of web coverage you are promised or offered, you can always do better.
The right question to ask instead is: How can I maximize effective coverage of the web in a way to deliver the best results?

Get Relevant Data Coverage of the Web in Near Real-Time

Whether you’re a media monitoring company responsible for keeping tabs on the latest news and trends in their customer’s industry or a national security agency responsible for monitoring national security risks, you can’t afford to miss out on a single relevant data point.
Webhose’s advanced filtering capabilities allow you to receive pre-filtered data delivered on-demand in machine-readable format from millions of posts from news sites, online discussions, blogs, and reviews. Define in advance the data you need based on keyword, topic, author, customer sentiment, location, organization and more.
This includes support for hundreds of languages, including almost every geographic region that has access to the web.
For organizations interested in gaining comprehensive coverage from the Dark Web, Webhose also delivers cyber web data feeds which include data from password-protected and difficult-to-access content.

Affordable Web Data Feeds On Demand and at Scale

Most organizations, especially in the beginning stages of their growth, have a finite set of resources. This can be especially frustrating when dealing with web coverage, as it is an infinitely complex challenge. How can you solve this challenge with a set of finite resources?
Instead of adding new data sources that double your data acquisition budget, consider ways of receiving the same number of data sources at a fraction of that price. On-demand data consumption, for example, lets you to invest minimally per month while improving your web coverage dramatically.
Webhose’s flexible pricing plans let you receive up to 1,000 monthly requests for free for one month and scale easily, allowing you to cancel your plan at any time. Organizations which need more requests may be interested in Webhose’s Firehose package, an enterprise class web data delivery service that delivers data at scale while reducing costs.

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