Webhose.io Technology Partners (OEMs and ISVs)

Build The Next Big Thing With Web Data

Webhose.io technology partners are companies that see the transformative potential of structured web data, and are looking to leverage the Webhose.io platform to develop innovative software tools and provide advanced solutions to their customers.

What’s In It For You?

Extensive Coverage

Offer a unique service your customers won’t find anywhere else: access to the most comprehensive collection of crawled web data available – including access to unique data feeds such as Dark Web, reviews and e-commerce, as well as our historical archive of news and online discussions

Low Risk, High Reward

Webhose.io can be integrated into your systems in literally minutes with a simple REST API that anyone can use. All pricing plans are monthly, and getting started requires no upfront investment in hardware or implementation

Full Partnership

We see technology partners as a major growth engine for our own business. From regular meetings with our Product team to 24/7 support for your customers and your own team, we are fully committed to your success at all times

How Do I Start?

Apply to become a Webhose.io partner

Our team will reach out to understand your use case and needs

Build powerful custom solutions for your customers or yourself using the Webhose.io API or Firehose, with the help of our Customer Success and Product teams

Who’s Eligible

Large Enterprises

That would like to build a tailored web monitoring solution, or need web data for internal research

Software Companies

That build SaaS products and tools on the Webhose.io API

Cybersecurity Providers

That monitor the Dark Web for cyber threat intelligence

Business Intelligence Vendors

That empower their customers with web data

Available Programs

Referrals Partners

Send new business our way to earn credit. Currently only available for paying customers


Sell the most powerful and comprehensive web data solution in the market for easy wins and high margins

Joining The Webhose.io Partner Program Is Free

Ready to unlock your next revenue opportunity?

Protecting Fortune 500 Companies with
Dark Web Monitoring

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