We Turn Online Reviews into One Simple Data Feed

The web is a constantly evolving and fragmented collection of unstructured data – making it challenging at best for media monitoring services to keep up with the constant number of social media accounts, blogs, forums, news articles, online reviews and message boards that seem to multiply by the minute.

The pressure to deliver data from these seemingly infinite sources can be overwhelming, yet at the same time you have to do everything in your power to make sure your coverage meets or even exceeds your customer’s expectations.


Effective Product and Brand Coverage at Scale and On Demand

The good news is that you don’t need a tool that crawls the entire web. You need a tool that enables you to filter and consume the data you need on-demand and at-scale. Whether it’s the latest app review or a brand’s product discussion forum, on-demand access to structured web data will ensure that you won’t miss a single relevant data point.

Webhose’s online reviews aggregator allows you to:

  • Pre-filter your options to gather only relevant sources for your product or service
  • Access and receive millions of crawled and regularly indexed online reviews
  • Continuously update web content for up-to-the-minute changes
  • Have access to a massive repository of historical data

Gain easy access to the data you need and:

  • Accurately identify trends
  • Measure sentiment or mentions of a particular service or product
  • Ensure you’re not missing reviews from any relevant forum, user review or rated discussion anywhere on the web

Webhose’s rich data and intuitive API is used by the world’s leading media monitoring companies to perform data and sentiment analysis of global online reviews and forums by filtering the information based on parameters such as language, keyword, product or service for each and every review source.

Brands and services can use the online reviews aggregator to track any mention of their brand for any niche business vertical, gaining valuable insights about how their customers feel about their business – and learn where there might be room for improvement.

In short, Webhose transforms online reviews into structured data you can consume at scale and on demand.

Read more about how we extract data from the web.

Uncovering Hidden Opportunities in Online Review Ratings

Even though the vast majority of customer experiences are mostly neutral, online reviews often express the views of people most impressed or upset by an experience. Our Webhose discussions data feed has shown that 32.3% of online reviews on the app store are either neutral or negative. That’s the segment with the biggest opportunity of untapped potential for positive brand sentiment.

Because of the tendency for outliers in online reviews and ratings, you’ll also have to aggregate and analyze more data for useful insights and accurate measurement of sentiment. But just more data isn’t what you need. You need the right data for the right analysis.

Webhose’s online review aggregator provides both access to large amounts of frequently updated mentions of brands and unprecedented granularity so you can pinpoint customer reactions to the specific product or service you need.

The Webhose.io API delivers review data in a variety of machine-readable formats: JSON, XML, RSS or Excel.

Read more about how our API extracts and structures your online reviews.

Comprehensive Review Coverage

Unlike review sites, which limit automatic analysis of their data, Webhose’s online review data feed allows access to user-generated data such as forum sites. We aggregate sources from thousands of online sources – including a massive repository of historical data – transforming them into machine-readable data feeds from which you can extract insights and value. With such a large array of sources, you’ll gain an accurate picture of your brand or service, product sentiment, and the voice of the customer.

Low Latency Access

Accurate, up-to-date information about your brand or product is critical. If gathering those reviews takes too long, however, the information you have on your brand or product becomes quickly out-of-date. Webhose’s online review data feed offers low latency with access to as many relevant online, app reviews or rated discussion sources as you need, with up-to-the-minute results.

Scalable Online Review Monitoring

Whether it’s a brand mention on a forum, or online discussion on a product page, you need to be able to keep up with what’s being said online about your product or service as it expands. Whatever your product or service’s data gaps are, you’ll be able to fill them easily with accessible content extracted from the open web.

Unprecedented Granularity

Do you need to cover major news websites like CNN or prominent industry bloggers? Are you looking only for sources after a particular date? A group of specific keywords to monitor sentiment? A certain number of social media likes? Our RSS monitoring offers laser-focused granularity to maximize effective news coverage so you aren’t weighted down with news sources that aren’t relevant.

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