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If you’re in the web monitoring business, your clients’ first and foremost expectation is comprehensive coverage: they’re paying you to stay on top of all the news stories and web mentions relevant to their brand, which they expect you to produce in real-time.

With, you can get best-in-class coverage without spending hundreds of developer hours on building a crawling solution in-house. Simply tap into our data feeds to monitor the news, reviews and online discussions that matter – when they matter. Join the world’s leading media monitoring companies and get the most up-to-date data with unparalleled ease.


Never miss an important story

Whether you already have a solution in place or are working with other providers, Webhose is guaranteed to significantly improve your coverage of the open web. Our decade of market experience and unique crawling and indexing technology give us the edge over alternative data providers and ensure our clients receive high-quality data and metadata at scale.

You can use granular filtering to refine your queries and grab the trending stories you need as they spread across the web in a highly targeted and cost-effective way – or opt for the enterprise firehose and get all our data immediately as we collect it.

Industry leaders choose

Almost every major player in the space is already using one or more of our data feeds – including Sprinklr, Crimson Hexagon and Mention – making an undisputed leader in web data provisioning.

“The Mention team reported unprecedented results delivered by across every conceivable KPI including superior source coverage, up-to-the-minute live data latency, and incredible responsiveness to ongoing data integration requests.”
Matthieu Vaxelaire, CEO at Mention


High-quality, low latency web data at your fingertips

Forget about crawling, scraping and parsing: We crawl the web for you, saving your developers tons of time and money and delivering neatly parsed data in a wide variety of formats – JSON, XML, RSS or XLS.

Webhose data feeds are production ready and incredibly easy to integrate into your existing systems using only a simple RESTful API that developers already know. Data is structured in a unified format, meaning there’s no wrangling involved on your end – just write a few lines of code in your favorite programming language to get going.

Scale as you grow

You can use as much of our segmented data as a service as you need – with no long term commitment and no hassle. Our subscriptions are monthly and you have ability to change your API limit or switch programs at any moment, giving you the ability to only pay once you’re seeing clear value from Webhose.

And best of all? You can start with a free 10-day trial – with up to 1000 monthly API calls on us. After that, you can talk to one of our experts to discuss how Webhose can better help with your business needs.

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