Structured Data that Delivers a Competitive Edge

Whether you’re a startup looking to grow quickly or an enterprise looking to scale up, you’ll need the ability to access as much structured data as possible while at the same time consume only the data you need – on demand and at scale.

Webhose’s on-demand data coverage model delivers this effective coverage while crawling and aggregating data from millions of data sources across online reviews, forums, blog posts, news articles and message boards. We also offer up-to-the-minute access to near real-time sources, in addition to a huge repository of historical data you need to constantly monitor digital trends data of your customer’s products and services.

Our data-as-a-service platform is used by world-class business research and competitive intelligence companies to identify the latest trends and drive effective marketing strategies.

In short, we transform structured data into digital trends data that delivers customers a competitive edge.

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Gauging Customer Sentiment with Crawled Web Data

Before the era of digital information, market research began and ended with offline data. Today, traditional methods of measuring customer sentiment such as surveys and polls are not enough. Even reaching the necessary number of people in order to conduct these surveys and polls is becoming more and more difficult. Many customers have unlisted mobile phone numbers and “do not call” lists are becoming increasingly prevalent.

The good news is that businesses don’t have to rely on those traditional offline methods any longer. Customers today interact and create so much content online that it leaves a digital goldmine that savvy researchers can measure much more accurately. It’s akin to what researchers call “voluntary response” since these people are choosing to share their opinions. That means there’s no response bias that influences the questions asked, dooming the project at the design phase.

Webhose enables you to access this digital goldmine by extracting and structuring data from aggregated sources and delivering it to top-notch business research teams so they can navigate the market with confidence.

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Comprehensive Data Coverage

A clear understanding of what drives customers is critical in the online landscape. But when web content is constantly multiplying at a seemingly infinite rate, keeping up with digital trends data can be overwhelming. Webhose’s data-as-a-service platform simplifies this task by continually extracting both real-time and historic data from millions of sources across the web, including comment threads, online reviews, forum discussions, and blog posts – so your research team and data analysts can focus on developing business insights that give you that competitive edge.

Low Latency Access

Digital trends data is dynamic and fluid, which means that up-to-the-minute coverage is critical. Webhose’s Firehose web data delivery plan matches and even exceeds enterprise data requirements while delivering superior coverage and latency, so you’ll be able to constantly keep tabs on customers’ dynamic and changing needs.

Cost-Effective and Scalable Web Data Consumption

For companies looking to scale up, we know that significant increases in your data acquisition budget are a valid concern. Webhose’s on-demand model allows you access to a huge data pool of news, blogs, and online discussions while enabling you to aggregate millions of new data sources without eroding your existing coverage -- improving your effective coverage dramatically at a fraction of the cost.

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