Never Miss a Single Relevant Data Point

Data-driven marketing has become a game-changer in the digital landscape, delivering a deeper customer experience than ever before. Targeted messaging, personalization, marketing automation, sentiment analysis and social media analytics all cater to this demand. And each of these relatively new online marketing techniques all require access to a huge wealth of web data.

But businesses quickly understand that it’s not about covering all of the web’s data – it’s about covering the right data. Customer insights – and the resulting data-driven marketing strategy – are only as good as the raw data that powers them.

The question that many researchers, data scientists, and even business executives ask: “How much of the web do you crawl?” is irrelevant at best. It’s not about 100% coverage – it’s about effective and relevant web coverage.

But that also means it’s crucial for your customer’s data-driven marketing strategy that you not miss a single relevant data point.


Effective Coverage that Exceeds Expectations

Even if you could achieve 100% coverage of the web, would you really want to? The truth is that no matter how good you think your coverage is, the very nature of the web means that you can always do better. Perfect coverage is meaningless: the goal is to maximize effective coverage that delivers results.

Webhose’s on-demand data coverage model delivers this effective coverage while crawling and aggregating data from millions of data sources across online reviews, forums, blog posts, news articles and message boards. In addition to up-to-the-minute access to real-time sources, it also offers a huge repository of historical data that can deliver the data needed to power your customer’s latest targeted email marketing campaign or develop a repository of relevant leads in their CRM. It’s also the first step towards even deeper customer engagement with artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP).

Webhose’s comprehensive Firehose package extracts all relevant data from the web, indexing and filtering it to enable your data analysts and business research teams to focus on analysis and insights rather than sourcing data. Our solution is used by the world’s leading customer relationship and customer experience management platforms to power the data-driven marketing strategies of hundreds of top brands.

In short, we transform structured data into insights that deepen customer engagement and deliver better business outcomes.

Read more about how we extract data from the web.


Deliver More Accurate Web Data to Your Customers

Today’s serious researchers have a huge advantage over those who had to rely on offline polls and surveys. Content extracted from the open web gives a much more accurate picture of how a business’ customers truly feel, whether it’s via comment threads, forum discussions, or blog posts. And this web data is available without the challenges of random data sampling, response bias, and a host of other issues problematic with these traditional measurements of customer sentiment.

Webhose can even download these online discussions as an Excel spreadsheet for you to process it however you like – whether it’s counting instances of brand mentions, particular keywords, or any other number of factors that correlate with people’s opinions.

Read more about how our Firehouse solution extracts and structures your online data to deliver more accurate web data to your customers.

Comprehensive Data Coverage

There’s no such thing as 100% web coverage. Instead, you owe your customers effective coverage that exceeds their expectations. Webhose’s data-as-a-service platform extracts both real-time and historic data from millions of sources across the web, including comment threads, forum discussions and blog posts. It then transforms that data into machine-readable data feeds from which you can extract business insights and valuable analysis. It’s also the first step towards powering your data-driven marketing strategy with insights from machine learning, AI or NLP.

Low Latency Access

Our up-to-the-minute coverage ensures you’ll never miss a single relevant data point. Webhose’s Firehose web data delivery plan enables enterprise class web data delivery with superior coverage and latency so that you can power your customers with the most relevant data for their data-driven marketing strategies.

Cost-Effective and Scalable Web Data Consumption

Improve your effective coverage dramatically at a fraction of the cost. Webhose’s on-demand model allows you access to a huge data pool of news, blogs, and online discussions while enabling you to aggregate new data sources without eroding your existing coverage. Now you can focus on what you do best instead of wasting time and resources crawling, scraping, and extracting web data yourself.

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