Transform Unstructured Data into Customer Insights

In today’s digital world, where everyone is competing for attention online, the need to gather competitive intelligence is more vital than ever. Not only must brands and services monitor what is being said about their own brand or service, but they must also monitor what is being said about competing brands and services as well.

The ability to constantly crawl and aggregate sources — from millions of online blogs, forums, online reviews and message boards near real-time as well as from a huge repository of historical data — to gain this competitive intelligence is the key to understanding customers’ dynamic and changing needs.

It’s all part of ensuring customers feel heard and delivering a high-quality customer experience at every touchpoint.

To gather these types of insights, however, you need the tools to tap into and constantly crawl as much structured data as you can handle yet filter and consume only the data you need on-demand and at scale.


Extract Data for All Your Customer Listening Needs

Whether you need to gather data to spot crises before they arise, increase customer engagement or to simply drive critical business decisions, your goal is to quickly identify what matters from huge volumes of recently updated web content.

Webhose’s comprehensive Firehose package delivers unfiltered bulk data access, enabling enterprise-level web data delivery at scale while reducing cost significantly. We then merge it and deliver it in a structured format so that your data analysis and business research teams can focus on analysis and insights rather than sourcing data.

Our Firehouse package is used by the world’s leading customer engagement and business intelligence companies to filter content from the web around the globe, including mining data for competitive analysis and insights.

In short, we transform unstructured data into insights that drive higher customer engagement — and better business decisions.

Read more about how we extract data from the web.


Reveal a More Accurate Voice of the Customer

For many generations, research methods were limited to polls and surveys. But surveys don’t necessarily reflect an accurate picture of how your audience feel. Response bias, selection bias, inaccurate data sampling and sample sizes, and a host of other factors tended to skew results.

Today it’s all about listening. Your audience is online, spending countless hours every day sharing content on social media, commenting on articles, chiming in on forum discussions and even blogging themselves. This digital footprint is one that savvy researchers can find and measure with a powerful web crawling platform that extracts the relevant data and structures these discussions. You can even receive new relevant content on an ongoing basis via a custom RSS feed.

Crawled data is simply a superior method for revealing the truth of public opinion.

Read more about how our Firehouse solution extracts and structures your online data to reveal a more accurate voice of the customer.

Comprehensive Data Coverage

Keeping up with the pulse of a brand or service’s customer opinion can be exhausting. Webhose’s data-as-a-service platform eliminates this challenge by extracting both real-time and historic data from millions of sources across the web, including comment threads, online reviews, forum discussions, and blog posts. It then structures the data so your data analysts and researchers can uncover powerful customer insights. With a more accurate understanding of the voice of your customer than traditional surveys or polls, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your customer that will lead to better business insights.

Low Latency Access

Up-to-the-minute competitive intelligence in the online world today is crucial for success. Webhose’s Firehose web data delivery plan matches and even exceeds enterprise data requirements while delivering superior coverage and latency, so you’ll instantly learn how customer opinion is constantly evolving in the dynamic online landscape.

Unprecedented Scalability at a Fraction of the Cost

If adding a new data source for increased coverage means doubling your data acquisition budget, it’s not worth your time and effort. But Webhose’s Firehose package allows you to aggregate millions of sources daily across our existing vertical data pool of news, blogs, and online discussions -- improving your data coverage dramatically for a fraction of the cost.

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