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Almost any business wants to have all the relevant information before making important decisions. But a truly data-driven organization will look beyond internal data sources and explore the wealth of alternative data that modern technology makes available.

Online reviews, competitor news and product pricing information can give you an incredibly deep understanding of the markets in which your business operates. gives you access to structured web data at scale, empowering you to further explore this data as a source of business intelligence, using any tool or technology of your choice.


Fuel for your competitive intelligence

If you want to stay on top of every important step your competitors are taking, Google Alerts isn’t enough. You want to aggregate negative and positive reviews, see what people are saying on online message boards, and actually catch all the relevant news items rather than a handful of them.

With, you can do exactly that: use our familiar developer tools to create effective monitoring systems that will find any important mention of competing companies, product or services, or any other content that you believe will help better guide your business’s decision-making.

Monitor shifts in product pricing

Prices often speak louder than words, and being able to see fluctuations in the way products are priced in online retail sites can reveal invaluable insights about the competitive landscape.

Our e-commerce data feed captures changes in product pricing across many of the world’s largest online retailer sites. Using this data as your source for analysis, you can tap into a powerful source that has the potential to inform your own pricing strategy or give you clues as to the actual performance of your competition.

News and historical data

In addition to thousands of news sources in over 100 languages which regularly crawls, our online news archive contains terabytes of historical news content from the past ten years. All this data is accessible on-demand, based on the keyword matching and granular filters you define in advance.

Our comprehensive coverage of the web gives you the ability to see the full picture of your business’s commercial and regulatory landscape, both in the present moment and over time. Give the analysts in your organization the information they need to uncover the true story that’s hiding between the headlines.

Only pay for the data you actually need

We understand that for some organizations, acquiring new competitive intelligence is non-stop and crucial, while for others it might be an annual or one-off project. That’s why we’re catering to both cases with flexible pricing plans.

Partnering with Webhose means avoiding lengthy contracts and massive investments for short-term projects, but can support massive enterprise implementations. You define the precise types and amounts of data you need to find the answers you’re looking for – and that’s all you’ll need to purchase.

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