Financial Analysis – Get the alternative data sets you need to stay one step ahead of the market

Move beyond stock performance trends and broaden your financial analysis with rich web data sets. Tap into structured, machine readable data feeds from global news, forums, e-commerce sites and blogs to gain deeper insights into financial markets and make data-driven investment decisions.

Use our familiar API tools to get the data you need, and analyze it using your favorite tools or programming languages (including R, Python and all other major coding or scripting languages).


Build on the wisdom of the crowds

Public sentiment as reflected in online discussions, rumors and news stories can be a major indicator of a company or stock’s performance. By monitoring information as it disseminates across the web, you can collect a valuable source of data that’s ripe for further mining and insight generation.

Webhose saves you the gruntwork by delivering the structured web data you need. Now you can immediately start looking for crucial financial signals, instead of wasting time and resources on writing crawlers and parsers.

Enrich your predictive analytics and risk modeling

Even your most sophisticated algorithms won’t get you very far without sufficient data points. Webhose gives you instant access to a massive repository of new and historical data, in a unified format that can be easily plugged into your existing code.

With a simple Boolean query, you can tap into structured, laser-focused data feeds for every company or subject matter you can think of – closing gaps in your coverage and giving you a strong data infrastructure to predict the future behavior of stocks, companies and individuals.

Get a more complete perspective of companies, persons and entities

Analyst briefings and shareholder reports rarely tell the entire story. To truly understand the market you want to look at as many relevant data points as you can, from a diverse range of sources – and the web is a critical source of alternative data that grows bigger and richer every second.

Webhose lets you expand your viewing field and eliminate blind spots by looking at news, online discussions and reviews of a company or product as they spread across the open and dark web, through formal and informal channels.

Test your hypotheses with historical data

Identified an interesting correlation? Think you might be onto something? Put it to the test with real-world data. Our historical data can be used to you check whether your current-day predictive models would have worked if applied at a certain point in the past.

The Webhose archive gives you access to 10 years’ worth of crawled web data from thousands of online websites, stored exactly as it was in its publication date. 

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