National Security and Intelligence

From terrorist recruitment to cyberattacks of government institutions, attacks on entire nations or just between people, national security and intelligence officials have an incredible weight of responsibility resting on their shoulders.

They must be able to track and monitor these often highly coordinated and planned terrorist efforts in the Dark Web and the darknets that comprise the Dark Web – such as Tor, I2P, ZeroNet and FreeNet. At the same time, national security and intelligence officials must still do everything they possibly can to protect themselves against becoming victims of terror.
The real challenge is enabling national security and intelligence officials to easily monitor the Dark Web constantly for threats while also ensuring their safety and security.


Dark Web Monitoring at Scale

Perhaps it’s the data leak of one individual, but with the possibility to inflict huge damage on national security. Or your local mafia is starting to spread its operations. Maybe it’s a well-organized large international terrorist organization such as ISIS.

Whether it’s a lone individual or a large-scale terrorist organization, these groups are known to carefully coordinate their attacks over a period of time. It could be that the organization is actively recruiting for new members, selling weapons, participating in human trafficking or planning cyber warfare. Whatever the activity, if you follow the organization’s tracks over time on the Dark Web, you can quickly start to piece together the information needed to save lives.

The truth is that new terrorist groups can spring up at any time, quickly changing their name or their targets. What were once small terrorist organizations can become bigger ones seemingly overnight. It’s your responsibility to be able to constantly monitor them to ensure the safety and security of citizens, which means that you’ll have to constantly monitor the Dark Web, combining it with other intelligence feeds to protect national security threats.

But in order to connect those dots correctly, you’ll first need to access quality data from the Dark Web. Otherwise, your results will be inaccurate – and possibly cost lives.

Our simple and easy access to data on the Dark Web allows national security and intelligence organizations to concentrate on data analysis and investigation instead of focusing your time and resources on collecting data. A first-rate monitoring system, you can leverage machine learning, advanced crawling and data enrichment to discover and extract hidden content from all corners of the Dark Web.

To prevent future crimes, Webhose’s Cyber Data as a Service (C-DaaS) solution provides:

  • An anonymized network and infrastructure to monitor terrorist activity
  • Complete and full security and protection of your identity
  • Machine-readable, structured and enriched cyber data for your threat intelligence system
  • Threat awareness to monitor national intelligence threats to provide alerts and/or a notification center
  • The ability to aggregate, group, and discover frequent search terminology used by terrorists

Learn more about how Webhose’s API delivers machine readable, structured data in JSON or XML that allows you to monitor and respond to national security threats in real-time.


Webhose Helps National Security Officials Find and Catch Terrorists

To gain a clearer picture of how our C-DaaS solution works, let’s turn to a real-life example. Say a local mafia organization advertises their murder-for-hire services on the Dark Web. Through its knowledge of the terminology of the Dark Web, it’s safe anonymity infrastructure, and its simple data extraction services, Webhose is able to discover the planning of these types of crimes in advance. It can then deliver it into the hands of national security and intelligence officials so they can focus their efforts on crime prevention.

National Security & intelligence Data Feeds on the Dark Web | Webhose  National Security & intelligence Data Feeds on the Dark Web | Webhose

Access Hidden Content

Our Dark Web crawler extracts encrypted and password-protected material to collect, scrape, and structure it to identify any type of threat. That means you can easily identify and respond to new content -- and recent national security threats --- as it gets published on the darknet.

Full Coverage at Scale

Whether it’s data from TOR, I2P, ZeroNet, the DeepWeb or the DarkWeb, Webhose turns it into machine-readable and cyber-ready data in near real-time. Our scalable coverage offers superior coverage of the TOR network, with millions of .onion sites crawled daily.

Simplified Data Extraction

You need to focus your efforts on national security and intelligence rather than on collecting and monitoring data. Webhose delivers quality and accurate data so you don’t run in circles trying to uncover national security threats. Start mining and analyzing relevant data immediately with a simple RESTful API call.

Laser Focused

Although many solutions deal with cyber data, only a few understand the lingo associated with the dark web. Webhose’s granular filtering capabilities deliver exactly the data you need to uncover terrorist plots long before they are executed.

Protecting Fortune 500 Companies with
Dark Web Monitoring

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