Law Enforcement Data Mining

The Dark Web, also known as the dark net, hidden web or deepnet, is a group of anonymous networks that is known as a haven for criminals. It’s also an indispensable source of data for law enforcement officials in the digital age.

As a place where not only white-collar cybercrime and financial fraud is planned, but also violent crime, the Dark Web, and the darknets that comprise the Dark Web – Tor, I2P, ZeroNet and FreeNet – all provide a fairly decent level of anonymity for its users.

Collecting data from the darkweb, while ensuring continuous encryption, requires a certain level of technical ability. Not to mention, in the Dark Web, it’s particularly important you don’t fall prey to cyber attacks yourself.

It’s also important to remember that since the Dark Web is an anonymous, unmonitored and uncontrolled part of the web, it lacks structure like its counterpart on the open web. Easy and simple access to the data on the Dark Web would give law enforcement officials the necessary clues to detect and prevent future criminal activity – stopping them in their tracks well before any crime is committed.

So how can law enforcement officials best take advantage of the data the Dark Web has to offer while at the same time ensuring their own safety and security?

Simple and Secure Access to Data on the Dark Web

Unfortunately, most law enforcement officials are currently not in a position to leverage this critical component of crime prevention.

The dynamic and elusive nature of the Dark Web, with its content frequently shifting between domains and lack of standard search engines, makes navigation even more challenging, which is why it’s even more crucial for law enforcement to be able to leverage it.

Webhose’s scalable Dark Web monitoring solution knows how to search the Dark Web safely and securely, delivering you full and complete coverage of all malicious activity.

Now you can safely tap into Dark Web data to detect and prevent crime long before it even occurs.


Detecting and Preventing Both Crime and Cyber Crime

Whether it’s monitoring violent crimes such as illicit drug trafficking, sale of weapons, the hiring of hitmen, or white-collar criminals using hacking tools for financial fraud and cybercrimes, law enforcement officials in the digital age must have a Data as a Service (DaaS) solution that enables them to constantly collect and monitor data on the Dark Web.

To prevent future crimes, Webhose’s Cyber Data as a Service (C-DaaS) solution provides:

  • An anonymized network and infrastructure to monitor criminal activity
  • Complete and full security and protection of your identity
  •  Machine-readable, structured and enriched cyber data for your threat intelligence system
  • Threat awareness to monitor cyberdata to provide alerts and/or a notification center
  • The ability to aggregate, group, and discover the latest search terminology used by criminals

Learn more about how Webhose’s API delivers machine-readable, structured data in JSON or XML that allows you to monitor and respond to crime and cyber threats in real-time.

Webhose Helps Law Enforcement Catch Drug Dealers

To further illustrate, let’s turn to a real-life example – drug trafficking. For the last 10 years, criminals in the Dark Web have sold, discussed and offered recipes for drugs. At the moment there is an upwards trend of illegal drug activity on the Dark Web in the younger generation from the developing countries.

Using Webhose’s C-DaaS solution, drug enforcement officials were able to ascertain that a given drug dealer is selling ecstasy in the DreamMarket. It was successful in identifying this data through its understanding of the proper terminology for ecstasy in DreamMarket, which in this case was MDMA.

Law Enforcement Data Feed on the Dark Web | Webhose

Law Enforcement Data Feed on the Dark Web | Webhose

Access Hidden Content

Our Dark Web crawler extracts encrypted and password-protected material to collect, scrape, and structure it to identify any type of threat. That way you can identify and respond to new content and criminal and cybercriminal activity as it gets published on the darknet.

Full Coverage at Scale

Whether it’s data from from TOR, I2 ZeroNet, the DeepWeb or DarkWeb, Webhose turns it into machine-readable and cyber-ready data in near real-time. Our scalable coverage offers superior coverage of the TOR network, with millions of .onion sites crawled daily.

Simplified Data Extraction

Don’t waste your time and resources on building your own scrapers or data collection and monitoring tools. Leave that to us. Focus your efforts instead on law enforcement and crime prevention. Start mining and analyzing relevant data immediately with a simple RESTful API call.

Laser Focused

Many solutions deal with cyber data, but only a few understand the lingo associated with the dark web. Do you know the proper terminology associated with the different types of drug crimes? We constantly monitor and keep track of changing lingo so that Webhose’s granular filtering capabilities can deliver exactly the data you need to detect and prevent criminal activities long before they are even committed.

Protecting Fortune 500 Companies with
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