Identify Healthcare Cyber Attacks with Dark Web Data Feeds

Healthcare organizations have a duty to keep medical records and sensitive information of their patients private and out of the hands of danger. This is becoming significantly challenging in an era of IoT with increasing numbers of medical devices and objects connected to the internet and more open access points for hackers. Unfortunately, healthcare organizations have now become a key target for hackers in the Dark Web.

Although the Dark Web and the anonymous networks of darknets that comprise it – such as TOR, I2P, ZeroNet and FreeNet – ensure continuous encryption, accessing it requires a certain level of technical ability. When browsing the Dark Web, it’s particularly vital to ensure that you are able to protect your identity to prevent yourself from becoming a target for hackers.

To complicate matters, since the Dark Web is an anonymous, unmonitored and uncontrolled part of the web, it lacks structure like its counterpart on the open web, making it difficult to navigate. Easy and simple access to it would give healthcare organizations and individuals the ability to detect malicious activity long before it occurs.

So how can health organizations leverage the Dark Web to continuously monitor and protect their patient data while at the same time ensuring their own protection?


Quality Data Coverage that Connects the Dots

Sadly, most healthcare organizations today don’t have access to this type of access to the Dark Web, which is now a critical component of healthcare security. At a time when 5.6 million patient records were breached in 2017 alone, it’s more important than ever that they gain access to the Dark Web.

The irony is that the dynamic and elusive nature of the Dark Web makes it even more vital to constantly monitor it for security risks. With content constantly shifting between domains, and lack of standard search engines, it provides the perfect hunting ground for hackers.

The key is to be able to continuously access and extract quality data from the Dark Web over time to connect the dots of these hackers and stop them before they affect your healthcare organization’s security – and the well-being of your patients.

Webhose’s simple and easy access to data on the Dark Web allows organizations to focus their efforts on protecting their brand instead of focusing their time and resources on collecting data. As a first-rate monitoring system, it allows you to leverage machine learning, advanced crawling and data enrichment to discover and extract hidden content from all corners of the Dark Web.

To ensure healthcare security, Webhose’s Cyber Data as a Service (C-DaaS) solution provides:

  • An anonymized network and infrastructure to monitor any activity posing a risk to your healthcare organization’s data
  • Complete security and protection of your identity
  • Machine-readable, structured and enriched cyber data for your threat intelligence system
  • Threat awareness to monitor data leakage and provide alerts and/or a notification center
  • The ability to aggregate, group, and discover frequent search terminology used by hackers and other criminals

Learn more about how Webhose’s API delivers machine readable, structured data in JSON or XML that gives you quality data coverage.


Webhose Healthcare Security Threats

To gain a clearer picture of how our C-DaaS solution works, let’s turn to a real-life example. Here is an example of a conversation of different hackers discussing the SingHealth data breach in which 1.5 million accounts of medical data was stolen. Although there was not yet any detection of activity, many usernames were published.

By constant tracking of the movement of hackers and criminals all across the Dark Web, Webhose can detect healthcare security risks, preventing attacks long before they strike. In some cases, Webhose is able to match the information from these discussions with data from the open web (e.g. bank accounts, phone numbers, social media accounts) to stop hackers in their tracks.

Healthcare Security Data Feed on the Dark Web | Webhose

Healthcare Security Data Feed on the Dark Web | Webhose

Access Hidden Content

Data in the Dark Web isn’t as easy to locate as in the open web. Webhose constantly monitors threats all over the Dark Web, so it knows when a hacker that first posted in TOR now moved to post in I2P. Best of all, our anonymized network and infrastructure allows organizations and individuals to monitor data securely, without ever blowing your cover.

Full Coverage at Scale

Webhose provides fresh coverage in near-real time of data from TOR, I2P, ZeroNet, the DeepWeb or the DarkWeb, and turns it into machine-readable and cyber-ready data. With millions of .onion sites crawled daily, we offer superior scalable coverage of the TOR network.

Simplified Data Extraction

Quality data is the foundation to any analytics services, such as machine learning, so it’s crucial that it be handled by experts. That’s why it’s important to focus your time and efforts instead on detecting and preventing healthcare security risks rather than spending precious resources on collecting and monitoring data. Our simple RESTful API call easily manages and extracts the data you need.

Laser Focused

Unlike the user-friendly indexing and easy navigation of the open web, not every solution can easily scan the Dark Web for the most relevant data. Webhose’s granular filtering capabilities deliver exactly the data you need to reveal any risk to your healthcare organization and prevent a security crisis long before it strikes.

Protecting Fortune 500 Companies with
Dark Web Monitoring

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