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As the methods and tools for hackers and fraudsters have evolved, one factor has remained steady: Financial fraud, or data leakage, has continued to be one of the top cybercrimes in the Dark Web, accounting for 1.3 million consumers losing $16.8 billion in 2017 in the United States alone.

Whether it’s phishing information from a fake email or website, account fraud that allows access to customer accounts with stolen customer credentials, counterfeiting currency or documents that lead to identity thefts, financial fraud accounts for 40% of the illegal activity of the Dark Web.

The anonymity of the Dark Web, and the darknets that comprise it – such as TOR, I2P, ZeroNet and FreeNet – make it a difficult and dangerous network to navigate – and one in which you must do everything you can to prevent becoming an easy target for hackers.

So how can those fighting financial crime navigate the Dark Web easily, while also ensuring that they themselves are not at risk of becoming a victim of fraud, identity theft – or any other other type of malicious behavior?

Quality Data Coverage on the Dark Web

Most data leaks don’t happen overnight. Sophisticated attacks are planned months, even years, in advance.

The only way to detect and prevent such attacks is with constant monitoring and extracting of data in the Dark Web that is often dynamic and elusive. Data published on one darknet might be moved to another tomorrow. It’s also vital to understand hackers’ search terms, such as DUMP (full credit card magnetic info) or fullz (full package of individual information), since the right search terms offer more accurate data sources.

Webhose’s simple and easy access to data on the Dark Web allows organizations to focus their efforts on the detection of data leakage instead of focusing their time and resources on collecting data. As a first-rate monitoring system, it allows you to leverage machine learning, advanced crawling and data enrichment to discover and extract hidden content from all corners of the Dark Web.

To prevent data leakage, Webhose’s Cyber Data as a Service (C-DaaS) solution provides:

  • An anonymized network and infrastructure to monitor financial fraud and hacking activity
  • Complete security and protection of your identity
  • Machine-readable, structured and enriched cyber data for your threat intelligence system
  • Threat awareness to monitor financial fraud and hacking threats to provide alerts and/or a notification center
  • The ability to aggregate, group, and discover frequent search terminology used by criminals

Learn more about how Webhose’s API delivers machine-readable, structured data in JSON or XML that allows you to detect and prevent financial fraud and data leaks before they are reported in tomorrow’s news.

Webhose Helps Fight Financial Fraud

To gain a clearer picture of how our C-DaaS solution works, let’s turn to a real-life example. Here is an example of a hacker who is advertising the sale of credit card information from VISA, AMEX, Discover, and Mastercard, from all over the world. The hacker promises credit card data from consumers with high balances.

Financial Fraud Data Feed on the Dark Web | Webhose

Financial Fraud Data Feed on the Dark Web | Webhose

By constant tracking of the movement of hackers and fraudsters across the Dark Web, Webhose can detect and prevent financial fraud, delivering it into the hands of law enforcement officials to stop the attacks before they cause tremendous damage. In some cases, Webhose is able to match the information from these advertisements with data from the open web (e.g. bank accounts, phone numbers, social media accounts) to stop hackers in their tracks.

Access Hidden Content

Data in the Dark Web isn’t as easy to locate as in the open web. Webhose constantly monitors threats all over the Dark Web, so it knows when a hacker that first posted in TOR now moved to post in I2P. Best of all, our anonymized network and infrastructure allows organizations and individuals to monitor data securely, without ever blowing your cover.

Full Coverage at Scale

Webhose provides fresh coverage in near-real time of data from TOR, I2P, ZeroNet, the DeepWeb or the DarkWeb, and turns it into machine-readable and cyber-ready data. With millions of .onion sites crawled daily, we offer superior scalable coverage of the TOR network.

Simplified Data Extraction

Quality data is the foundation to any analytics services, such as machine learning, so it’s crucial that it be handled by experts. That’s why it’s important to focus your time and efforts instead on detecting and preventing healthcare security risks rather than spending precious resources on collecting and monitoring data. Our simple RESTful API call easily manages and extracts the data you need.

Laser Focused

Unlike the user-friendly indexing and easy navigation of the open web, not every solution can easily scan the Dark Web for the most relevant data. Webhose’s granular filtering capabilities deliver exactly the data you need to reveal data leakage before they are reported in tomorrow’s news.

Protecting Fortune 500 Companies with
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