Fraud Data that Fights Counterfeiting

The rise of the digital age and the globalization of trade has contributed significantly to the success of counterfeit goods and services and the ability of cybercriminals from all over the world to benefit from consumers of strong economies with more disposable income. Much of this counterfeit activity — ranging from counterfeit clothing and footwear to cosmetics and watches — can be found in the deepest corners of the Dark Web. The amount of revenue gained in the global counterfeiting of goods and services has soared to $1.2 trillion in 2017 and is estimated to reach $1.82 trillion by 2020. These statistics clearly demonstrate that global counterfeiting is only expected to increase in the future.

So how can businesses and organizations defend against counterfeit goods and services and prevent loss of consumer trust in their brand?

Better Coverage and Threat Detection

The good news is that by constantly monitoring the Dark Web for conversations and plans of counterfeit activity, businesses and organizations can detect these threats in advance. It starts with delivering businesses and organizations the right tools to help monitor and identify cybercriminals.

Unfortunately, the rise of the ecommerce industry has encouraged the sale of counterfeit goods to flourish, with products in the luxury and high-end consumer goods industries having become particularly vulnerable to counterfeiting. The counterfeit of luxury goods alone is estimated to account for $450 billion in revenue each year on average. High-end consumer brands in particular need to monitor activity on the Dark Web to detect and prevent counterfeit activity before it occurs.

To fight against the counterfeiting of goods and services of businesses and organizations, Webhose’s Cyber API provides:

    • Coverage of the Dark Net networks, including: I2P , ZeroNet, IRC, Telegram, OpenBazaar, and Discord
    • Extraction of many different entities on the Dark Web, such as: emails, credit card information, social security numbers, phone numbers, wallet IDs, person, location, organization and more
    • The ability to search all cyber and open web sources at once, from a single endpoint
    • Threat awareness to monitor the darknet and provide alerts and/or a notification center when threats occur
    • Threat intelligence  to assist law enforcement and security analysts in identifying cyber criminals and hackers

Learn more about how Webhose’s Cyber API delivers fraud data feeds from all over the Dark Web and helps stop the counterfeit of goods and services long before they occur.

Webhose Detects and Prevents Counterfeit Goods and Products

To illustrate how Webhose’s Cyber News API works, let’s explore a real-life example. We ran a search using the organization value filter, which in this case was to find hidden marketplaces or vendors that sell Cartier counterfeit products at the lowest price.

For an understanding of the price difference between luxury brand and counterfeit items, we can take a look at the items on the original Cartier’s website:

In contrast, we can also find prices from a post of “BigDeal100,” a vendor on the “Dream Market:”

There’s a pretty big difference between $6,800 and $88.00.

Or, maybe you’d just like to focus on finding all of the counterfeit sales that are available in the OpenBazaar network. Here is an example of a post we found in that network:

Query: (“Counterfeit” OR “counterfeits” OR “replica”) -carding AND

Access Hidden Content

Our Cyber API crawler extracts encrypted and password-protected illicit content to collect, scrape, and structure it to identify various threats. It’s the first step towards identifying and tracking criminals and hackers who want to produce or sell counterfeit goods as they leave traces from different data points all across the dark and open web.

Full Coverage at Scale

In addition to searching TOR, ZeroNet, the Deep Web and Dark Web, Webhose’s superior coverage now also includes I2P, IRC, and OpenBazaar networks as well as Telegram and Discord messaging services. We then turn it into readable and cyber-ready data in near real-time -- in JSON or XML format.

Simplified Data Extraction

Focus on your business instead of wasting time and precious resources on your own in-house web scraper. Access structured and unstructured data from millions of sites, files, hidden marketplaces and messaging platforms with one endpoint. Webhose’s enriched entities use a simple call, giving you the ability to start mining your enriched data immediately.

Laser Focused

Are you searching for the name of a particular criminal or hacker, organization or product? Or maybe a domain name? Webhose’s enriched entities include granular filtering for keywords, wallet ID, site domain, organization, phone numbers, credit cards, and more. A simplified yet thorough search can yield results that help discover plans to create or sell counterfeit goods and services before they reach the market.

Protecting Fortune 500 Companies with
Dark Web Monitoring

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