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Monitoring the open web for malicious activity can no longer be considered an effective threat intelligence solutions. Today’s bad actors convene on the Dark Web, forums and paste websites. Cybersecurity companies in the private and public sectors need an effective means to crawl and monitor these ‘unseen’ areas of the web in near real-time; but building these systems is expensive, cumbersome and complex.

The solution? Tap into Webhose’s structured web data at scale. Now you can access structured, machine-readable data from millions of sources crawled from the dark web, public message boards, blogs and paste websites – allowing you to see the conversations that hackers, terrorists and fraudsters want to hide, wherever they take place.


Industry-leading dark web data delivers unparalleled coverage of the dark web. We crawl millions of pages on a regular basis, with relevant new sources constantly being added via manual and automatic discovery.

Powered by nearly a decade of research and development, our crawling platform can retrieve password protected and other difficult-to-access content, and save a copy of an Onion site before it vanishes.

Structured web data for cyber threat intelligence

With you don’t need to waste time and money on tasks that are not part of your core competence such as crawling, storage and indexing – we do all the heavy lifting, and you get one simple API to monitor hidden areas of the web for threat intelligence.

It takes just a few lines of code to connect the data feeds to your existing codebase or analytical systems, and our familiar API tools and SDKs will help you hit the ground running. To make your life even easier, extracted data is stored in neatly-structured JSON or XML formats, ready for further mining and analysis.

Take your online OSINT to the next level

Don’t stop with the dark web – use our online discussions feed to stay on top of suspicious exchanges on paste sites and online forums to identify warning signs for impending cyber-attacks.

Content on forums such as 4chan, as well as ‘paste sites’ such as Pastebin, is constantly being deleted and vanishing – which is why we are continually crawling these sites and saving copies of the content on our servers. lets you stay on top of malicious conversations without the need for 24/7 monitoring.

Cryptocurrency and financial fraud detection

The explosion of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto-currencies has created ample opportunities for terrorists, criminals and money launderers. However, the data captures from the darknet and open web, along with the public nature of blockchain transactions, gives researchers the power to investigate these anonymous transactions.

Our structured data feeds give you a haystack in which to search for the needle, and find relationships between cryptocurrency blockchain addresses (such as Bitcoin wallets) on the TOR network to eventually deanonymize the transaction – or to scan the web for indications of illicit financial activity and credit card theft.

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