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If data is the oil of the 21st century, no industry is more fuel-intensive than machine learning and artificial intelligence – in which innovation almost as dependant on data as it is on ingenuity and innovation. lets you create the next bleeding-edge AI or deep learning app by leveraging the power of structured web data. Improve your algorithms with access to terabytes of structured datasets, gathered from millions of websites across the open and dark web.

Build on the collective knowledge of the World Wide Web

An incomprehensible amount of data is being generated every day in the form of content uploaded to the web. With, the web becomes your data science playground – we crawl the web, parse and structure it, allowing you to instantly tap into the global online discussion to power smarter machine learning, neural networks or predictive models.

With data available across content domains – news, blogs, reviews, e-commerce and more – alongside granular filtering capabilities, making it incredibly easy to create a laser-focused data feed that’s ready for production.

Training data for NLP, sentiment analysis, AI

The strength of your application depends on the quality of your data. is the perfect source for training data, giving you access to structured, high-quality datasets and a massive repository of natural language content that will give your algorithms plenty to chew on.

We regularly crawl millions of sources in over 115 languages, covering every field of human endeavor – from online news websites, through historical product prices, to discussions in obscure forums – creating a massive repository of machine-readable textual content.

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Hit the ground running with our familiar API tools and SDKs

Forget about proprietary scripting and struggling against obscure data formats. is built to make the lives of data scientists and developers easy by relying on a simple RESTful API that anyone can master in no time.

Whether you’re writing Python, R or Java, it’s quick and simple to integrate data – in JSON, XML, RSS or XLS format – into your existing code. And if you do get stuck, our Customer Success is always there to lend a hand and help you extract the data you need.

Flexible pricing for companies of all sizes data feeds are used by organizations of all sizes. Start for free and pay as you grow with customized plans for every use case, from smallest to largest. Whether you’re a bootstrapped company with small budgets and big dreams, or a data science team in a Fortune 500, we’ve got you covered.

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