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Feb - Mar, 2017
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{"organizations":[],"uuid":"4565e9051506f5786ff08a16b61532e568ff47f4","thread":{"social":{"gplus":{"shares":1},"pinterest":{"shares":2},"vk":{"shares":0},"linkedin":{"shares":1},"facebook":{"likes":135,"shares":135,"comments":0},"stumbledupon":{"shares":0}},"site_full":"www.theguardian.com","main_image":"https:\/\/i.guim.co.uk\/img\/media\/9a26d49d6df801e629211ba4c44e8744997e44d0\/0_212_4288_2572\/master\/4288.jpg?w=1200&h=630&q=55&auto=format&usm=12&fit=crop&crop=faces%2Centropy&bm=normal&ba=bottom%2Cleft&blend64=aHR0cHM6Ly91cGxvYWRzLmd1aW0uY28udWsvMjAxNi8wNS8yNS9vdmVybGF5LWxvZ28tMTIwMC05MF9vcHQucG5n&s=50275df81b66c51a850b3d2b6d701530","site_section":"http:\/\/www.guardian.co.uk\/rssfeed\/0,,12,00.xml","section_title":"World news | The Guardian","url":"https:\/\/www.theguardian.com\/world\/2017\/feb\/02\/penelopegate-my-part-in-the-francois-fillon-scandal","country":"GB","domain_rank":170,"title":"Penelopegate: my part in the Fran\u00e7ois Fillon scandal","performance_score":1,"site":"theguardian.com","participants_count":1,"title_full":"Penelopegate: my part in the Fran\u00e7ois Fillon scandal","spam_score":0,"site_type":"blogs","published":"2017-02-03T00:51:00.000+02:00","replies_count":0,"uuid":"4565e9051506f5786ff08a16b61532e568ff47f4"},"author":"Kim Willsher in Paris","url":"https:\/\/www.theguardian.com\/world\/2017\/feb\/02\/penelopegate-my-part-in-the-francois-fillon-scandal","ord_in_thread":0,"title":"Penelopegate: my part in the Fran\u00e7ois Fillon scandal","locations":[],"entities":{"persons":[{"name":"penelope fillon","sentiment":"negative"},{"name":"fran\u00e7ois fillon","sentiment":"negative"},{"name":"pierre haski","sentiment":"none"},{"name":"pitman","sentiment":"none"},{"name":"fillon","sentiment":"none"},{"name":"penelope","sentiment":"none"},{"name":"fran\u00e7ois","sentiment":"none"},{"name":"shakespeare","sentiment":"none"},{"name":"les r\u00e9publicains","sentiment":"none"}],"locations":[{"name":"france","sentiment":"none"},{"name":"paris","sentiment":"none"}],"organizations":[{"name":"le canard enchain\u00e9","sentiment":"none"},{"name":"telegraph","sentiment":"none"}]},"highlightText":"","language":"english","persons":[],"text":" 17.51 GMT Last modified on 18.00 GMT The interview in 2007 with Penelope Fillon, the Welsh-born wife of the then newly appointed French prime minister, was a gentle affair. Sitting in her local cafe in a chic Paris arrondissement, we talked about family, including her five children, and how she preferred being in the country with her horses and studying Shakespeare than being part of the Parisian beau monde . She told of how she met her husband, Fran\u00e7ois, discussed Welsh nationalism, and we laughed at how clumsy her name sounded with its French pronunciation: Pen-eh-loppe to rhyme with mop. Pressure mounts on Fran\u00e7ois Fillon as jobs inquiry widens to include children Read more According to my interview notes, Fillon said she did \u201cbits and pieces\u201d for her husband, such as handing out leaflets during election campaigns. Then she said: \u201cI have never actually been his assistant or anything like that. I don\u2019t deal with his communication.\u201d In her hacking jacket and pink scarf, I wrote that Fillon looked as if she had stepped straight out of an English village fete. She was kindly, but reserved; answering my questions but seeming uncomfortable at the attention. The photographer asked if he could film the interview. Penelope said yes. \u201cOnce this week is over everything will die down and I will be able to carry on as before,\u201d she told me. \u201cI don\u2019t get recognised in the street and I hope not to. That would horrify me.\u201d A decade on, this seemingly inoffensive interview \u2013 and the key detail of whether she actually worked for her husband \u2013 has become a key part of \u201cPenelopegate\u201d, a scandal that threatens to destroy the political career of the man who, until just a few weeks ago, was the clear favourite to be France\u2019s next president. The scandal erupted when the satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchain\u00e9 reported that Fillon had paid his wife a total of \u20ac800,000 (\u00a3690,000) from public funds to work as his parliamentary assistant. There is nothing illegal in that: French parliamentarians are allowed to employ spouses, children, second cousins twice removed, as long as the person actually works (although it is not exactly clear what a parliamentary assistant should do). The question being asked has been: did Fillon actually work? Her husband has said yes, insisting her job was \u201creal\u201d and \u201clegal\u201d. Then, amid the claims and counterclaims, someone discovered my gentle, inoffensive and seemingly uncontroversial interview published in the Sunday Telegraph on 20 May 2007. My telephone began ringing. I referred the many media callers back to the original interview, saying I had nothing to add and scrabbled to find my notebook from 10 years ago. After three days of calls, I reluctantly agreed to be interviewed by Envoy\u00e9 Special, a programme on the public service broadcaster France2, to describe how my meeting with Fillon came about and to \u201cput it into context\u201d. No, I said, I couldn\u2019t remember asking Fillon if she worked for her husband, and no, I couldn\u2019t remember if she had mentioned it, because it was 10 years ago and it wasn\u2019t the point of the article I was writing then. Scandal, radicals and insurgencies \u2013 all bets are off for the French presidency | Pierre Haski Read more After that interview, France2 obtained the film of my interview with Fillon \u2013 footage I have still never seen \u2013 and I found my interview notes in Pitman shorthand. Her assertion \u2013 which only appeared in the video version of the interview and is no longer available on the Telegraph website \u2013 that she had \u201cnever been his assistant or anything like that\u201d is, for many, the smoking gun of the scandal. Last autumn, after her husband became the presidential candidate for Les R\u00e9publicains, I contacted Fillon for the first time in a decade to ask if she would speak to me again. She sent a friendly reply suggesting she would. Until a week ago, I was still hopeful it would happen. But I doubt Fillon will speak to me now. And, though it is not my fault, who could blame her?","external_links":[],"published":"2017-02-03T00:51:00.000+02:00","crawled":"2017-02-02T20:37:06.244+02:00","highlightTitle":""}
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