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New Turkish language forum related to hacking, tools, and malware, is now available in the Cyber API. *This is only a small dataset out of the large content exist in the cyber API
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Jul - Nov, 2019
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Get free Turkish Content in Cyber API dataset crawled from the Webhose API Dark Web category.
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Example of How it Looks
url: "https://XXX",
uuid: "8f8c49af7e03e56d2f0f3241f2cbbd8909e38263",
parent_uuid: "b30df84206831c7befa3393d478eac557127e991",
title: "",
text: "Storm'da netflix configi olarak hangisini kullanmamı önerirsiniz? Üç gündür netflix hesabı düşürmeye çalışıyorum.",
highlightText: "",
highlightTitle: "",
author: [
language: "turkish",
referring_url: null,
referring_file_type: null,
rating: null,
published: "2018-09-12T21:59:00.000+03:00",
site: {
domain: "XXX",
name: "Göktürk Ordusu",
country: "",
is_live: true,
type: "discussions",
categories: null
thread: {
spam_score: 0,
main_image: "https://XXX",
site_section: "https://XXX",
title: "Slayer Leecher v.0.6 + Accaunt Reaper 500 K Combo List + 500 K username PASS",
url: "https://XXX",
section_title: "Programlar | Göktürk Ordusu",
participants_count: 14,
full_title: "Slayer Leecher v.0.6 + Accaunt Reaper 500 K Combo List + 500 K username PASS | Göktürk Ordusu",
published: "2018-09-12T18:43:00.000+03:00",
replies_count: 19,
uuid: "b30df84206831c7befa3393d478eac557127e991"
ord_in_thread: 2,
crawled: "2019-10-30T23:38:49.097+02:00",
cache_link: null
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