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Get answers to all your questions about the Webhose Online Discussions API.

How Does Webhose Monitor Online Forums?

Message boards, forums, and online review sites are home to millions of exchanges every day — and brands that want to develop a comprehensive picture of public sentiment about them can analyze brand mentions on these platforms to extract actionable insights about their business.
Using the Webhose API to supplement brand mention monitoring from social media and news websites is a great advantage for organizations that need 360 degree visibility into brand perception on the open web. One Webhose customer, for example, was able to use the the Webhose forum monitoring API to help their customers understand sentiment based on reviews about their restaurants, focusing the queries on natural language parameters such as “ambiance”, “service”, and “food” to determine which aspects of the diner experience best resonated with customers.

What are the Different Services Available for Aggregating Business Reviews?

Staying current with online reviews about your brand is an essential best practice for any marketing team to adopt. Reviews can come from many online services, including Google My Business, Yelp, Amazon, and, to name but a few.

Customers expect their public feedback to be addressed quickly and taken seriously, especially when it is not complementary to the brand. Even positive feedback can provide useful datapoints about the customer experience and help product and customer service teams to improve and refine their business offer.

While small teams may be able to review and action such feedback on a manual basis, for large businesses and those with multinational operations attempting to do so quickly becomes an exercise in futility. Brand monitoring tools exist which leverage machine learning to optimize this process, but without a reliable supply of real-time data they cannot be effective.

Webhose’s dedicated Reviews API utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) to index review websites across the internet and can detect sentiment and mentions of discrete entities based upon keywords ‑ such as specific branches or product mentions. Users can also query the API based on what category of website the review site falls into and receive the domain rank of the website that matched the search keyword — allowing teams to prioritize responding to reviews from high-traffic websites and forge better relationships with potential brand influencers.

Subscribing to the Webhose Reviews API can give your marketing and brand monitoring team the data it needs to effectively map user sentiment at scale and ensure that your customers are not raising their online voices in vain.

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