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Do You Provide Data from Social Media Accounts?

Webhose can provide data from several social networking sites, including, Reddit, and vkontakte, a popular Russian social media service. User engagement information extracted from these platforms, such as likes, comments, and shares, is often enough to build machine-learning models that can parse and return sentiment-based queries, an invaluable asset for brands concerned with understanding their perception on social media as it evolves in real-time. Additionally, Webhose can also assess the virality of social media content by assigning a performance score from one to ten based on the number of times it was shared on social networks. Webhose only crawls websites that have given their permission to be indexed and honors all nofollow requests.

Do You Provide Data from the Google Search API?

The Google Search API was deprecated in April 2017 and was replaced by the Custom Research API which returns results from user-built Google custom search engines. These custom search engines are commonly embedded in websites and blogs and poll a list of URLs defined by the user. While Google is inarguably the best-known search engine in the world, it no longer provides its search results in machine-readable format. By comparison, the Webhose API scans and extracts data from hundreds of thousands of global data sources, providing organizations with access to a wide range of data from blogs, news sources, and other content sources. Only Webhose’s APIs are suitable for providing enterprise-class applications with the volume of data they require from open web search results.

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