The Brick Factory uses web data

The Brick Factory Case Study

The Brick Factory Case Study

The Brick Factory uses web data

The Brick Factory were looking for a data provider to supply them with an efficient and cost effective way to receive only relevant data

We were fortunate enough to speak with Hannah Del Porto, Chief Operations Officer at The Brick Factory to understand a bit more about what they do and to shed some light on The Brick Factory’s experience in working with

Company Overview

The Brick Factory is a Washington DC based team of strategists, designers and developers who plan and execute digital communications campaigns for non-profits, trade associations, advocacy groups and brands. What truly sets us apart is our focus on real-world results. For us building a great-looking website that works isn’t enough. We want to build digital programs that truly help our clients achieve their organizational objectives, whether that involves raising money online, or building a movement around a cause or issue.”

What makes The Brick Factory unique?

“There are many, many options out there for managing media mentions about your company and products. We really focus on the analytical side, by having actual human beings review the coverage to provide a consistent and yet thorough analysis. We’ve developed our evaluation system over more than 10 years and also employ an extensive quality control process to ensure that coverage over time provides both reliable and actionable intelligence.” 

The Brick Factory had previously worked with many data providers and before working with they were using a news Firehose stream from another provider. They were able to index and filter the relevant data however, this often took a lot of time and resources which they would have preferred to utilize in more strategic areas.

What were you hoping to achieve by integrating a new data provider?

“As a development firm, we are more than capable of handling the technological side of data analysis, but having to manage a Firehose stream of online news meant that we were taking time and resources away from the fun and creative work that we would rather be doing. Our main objective was to make this process easier, less resource and time consuming, but without compromising on coverage or the quality of the data. This would then mean that we could focus more on creating insightful analyses that would help our clients.” 

The Brick Factory were looking for a new provider to supply them with a more efficient way of receiving relevant data only. This would save them on expending excessive funds on a massive stream of mostly irrelevant content plus the added efforts of indexing and then filtering the relevant data. They needed a supplier that they could rely on to give them the relevant, high quality data and expanded coverage while being flexible to meet their specific needs. The Brick Factory provides a specialist service to a wide variety of clientele and this meant that quick and easy source additions was a must.

Selection process – what was important and how did you come to your decision?

“The number one factor for us was flexibility. Sometimes we need to track a very specific issue that may only get a few mentions over the course of a year while in other cases we need to review hundreds of thousands of mentions for general trends. We required tools and filters to streamline the volume of data that comes in to our analysts but, we also needed the control to write our own complex queries and fine-tune results over time.” 

After an extensive evaluation of data providers, The Brick Factory decided to move forward with and the benefits could be felt almost instantly.


“Transitioning to allowed us to dramatically reduce the cost, time and resources we dedicated to data management. Over the years, we have worked with many data providers. All of them have their own unique strengths and we’ve actually had pretty positive experiences across the board. But with we are getting the whole package: broad coverage, high quality data, great customer service, easy scaling, competitive pricing and a robust API. We really couldn’t ask for a better partner.”