Notified uses web data

Notified Case Study

Notified Case Study

Notified uses web data helps Notified secure its position as the leading social media monitoring provider in the Nordics.

Company Overview

Notified is the leading social media monitoring provider in the Nordics. They help more than 500 leading organizations use insights from social data to drive their decisions. 
We asked Marcus Norrving, Co-Founder of Notified to give us some insight to the decision making process and experience with

The Challenge

Find a comprehensive solution for monitoring discussion boards that provides both high quality data and an easy way to add new sources as and when required In order to serve its clientele, Notified needs amongst many other things to be able to monitor discussion boards effectively. Working on specific projects for clients they also require a fast, easy, flexible and cost effective solution for adding new sources so that they can monitor the relevant data. 
“After using a few different solutions for monitoring discussion boards, we were looking for a more comprehensive solution. We needed a solution in which we could feel certain to get excellent data quality and the flexibility to add new sources based on specific customer requests.”

The decision making process

looking for a provider that could meet their specific needs in terms of: an easy integration, competitive pricing, the ability to easily add new sources as per their clients requirements and a very high quality of data. 

“My first contact with was through a couple of years ago. When the question for a new solution for monitoring discussion boards was raised, I remembered When trialing the service and comparing it to a few other solutions, we found that had several key advantages: a very easy set-up and API integration, straightforward and competitive pricing, the ability to add new sources quickly and easily, rich metadata and superior data quality.”

Ease of use and customer service at prides itself on its ease of use and the close level support provided to its clients. 
“Although we haven’t been in the need of much customer service as everything has been so easy, the team has been very helpful with the questions we’ve had.”

Conclusion will continue to provide Notified with a great service and as we evolve our capabilities going forward we aim to expand our mutually beneficial partnership. 
“Overall we’re very pleased with choosing We have been able to significantly increase our data quality, an improvement that has been greatly appreciated by our clients. Furthermore, it has helped us secure our position as the leading social media monitoring provider in the Nordics.”