Mention uses web data

Mention Case Study

Mention Case Study​

Mention uses web data news, blogs, and discussions data feeds power media monitoring service Mention as the company leads the emerging digital first BI category.

About Mention

Headquartered in Paris since 2012, Mention was founded with a simple mission: To help people discover who’s talking about them online and what they’re saying. Since opening the New York offices in 2014, Mention has experienced exponential word-of-mouth growth. Focused on providing tailored monitoring solutions to businesses worldwide, the service makes it easy to track social media, blogs, forums, and the web with up-to-the-minute latency – anytime and anywhere.

The Challenge

To grow the business and scale up in a competitive marketplace, customers rely on Mention to provide recent alerts without missing a beat. The data integration team needed a scalable web data solution that would deliver comprehensive coverage, low latency access, and easy addition of new sources.

“Mention Enterprise sets the bar high when it comes to Quality of Data”, said Matthieu Vaxelaire, CEO of Mention. “The Mention team reported unprecedented results delivered by across every conceivable KPI including superior source coverage, up-to-the-minute live data latency, and incredible responsivess to ongoing data integration requests.”

The Review Process

Since effective web coverage can always be improved, Mention had originally approached as a way to expand existing coverage. Over time, the team realized was flexible enough to meet and even exceed coverage requirements without compromising on latency.

Ease of Use

Although coverage and latency are critical to success, they would be meaningless without the ability to deliver the data effectively and efficiently through Mention’s service platform. The team was incredibly responsive to requests and consistently out-performed every other solution under consideration.


The team understands the technology and business challenges associated with sustaining long term high-growth. Mention will continue to work with for quite a while, and highly recommends the service to any company whose business relies on high quality web data.