Keyhole Case Study

Keyhole Case Study news, blogs, and discussions data feeds power Keyhole’s online monitoring service as the company tracks and monitors brand conversations in real-time on leading social media and online platforms.

About Keyhole

A leader in hashtag analytics, Keyhole is a social media and online monitoring solution that enables its users to measure and understand trends, campaigns and brands by measuring metrics such as sentiment, audience demographics, and engagement.

Keyhole is used by major organizations such as Google, Spotify and the United Nations and companies in a wide range of industries, from marketing agencies to public relations and non-profits to track and monitor brand conversations in real-time on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

The Challenge

Keyhole was looking to expand its offering from social media monitoring to monitoring the entire online ecosystem.

Webhose’s powerful API delivered additional value to Keyhole’s solution by allowing a different web monitoring approach with Web Mentions. This approach included comprehensive coverage from thousands of online sources – including a massive repository of historical data – in addition to laser-focused granularity that enables measurement of sentiment or mention of a particular product or service. In addition, this product and brand coverage is available at scale and on demand.

“Web Mentions transforms our product by giving our customers access to an entirely different layer of online conversations to listen to and monitor. Webhose’s API therefore really helps us add further value to our product in a tangible way,” explained Iara Rios, Content and Community Manager at Keyhole.

In addition, although Keyhole works with privacy-conscious and publicly-available data, all social media analytics companies collectively face the challenge of ever-changing APIs that are modified as privacy policies are adjusted. With Webhose, this is not a challenge, as all the data collected is also intentionally made public and unaffected by privacy policies.


How Webhose Helped Keyhole Expand Their Offering

Webhose helps Keyhole transition from offering primarily social media monitoring to offering its users social media and web monitoring at large. Web Mentions enables users to access brand monitoring from a huge repository of news, forums and blogs across millions of websites and over a hundred languages.

“What is being added with Web Mentions is that you’re seeing how your brand is portrayed online in a way that is a little bit different. When somebody mentions your brand in a blog or a news article or news piece, it tends to be something that is intended to be accessed indefinitely. It’s a way of representing your brand in an evergreen way,” said Rios. “For customers to have an awareness of how their brand is being portrayed in that sense is extremely valuable.”

Ease of Use

“Webhose’s integration into our product was simple. They deliver an incredible amount of web data, enabling us to offer Web Mentions as a powerful web monitoring solution for our customers. Plus, the ability to deeply filter searches allows our customers to get optimal results” said Keyhole’s Lead Developer, Samuel Hecquet.


Webhose allowed Keyhole to further expand its data coverage from primarily social web data to web data at large, giving their customers added value in their product offering. Customers now have a greater awareness of how their brand is being seen and heard by consumers. As it seeks to expand its coverage with more customers, Webhose looks forward to continuing to provide Keyhole with additional value in the future.