Kantar Media uses webhose.io web data

Kantar Media Case Study

Kantar Media Case Study

Kantar Media uses webhose.io web data

Webhose.io helps Kantar Media’s FishEye Analytics expand its already rich offering and solidify its position as a leading social media monitoring and analytics provider

We asked Mahesh Pabbu, Manager & Head of Technology R&D at FishEye Analytics, Kantar Media to give us some insights into his project, the selection process and his experience to date with Webhose.io

Company Overview

Kantar Media is a leading conductor of global news intelligence, orchestrating media monitoring and analysis, across print, broadcast, websites and social media. We tune into our clients online and offline media reputation, making sure they hear what they need to hear – so our clients can make decisions promptly and accurately. Kantar Media acquired FishEye Analytics in 2013. The integration has extended Kantar Media’s global multi-lingual social measurement and analysis capabilities.”

What were we looking for and what were we hoping to achieve?

FishEye Analytics at Kantar Media were looking to expand their existing offering by giving their clients the additional ability to monitor and analyze discussions, message boards and forums amongst other services provided. 

“FishEye Analytics at Kantar Media had support in harvesting data from various online social media platforms. For the benefit of our clients we wanted to extend our existing tools so that we could also offer our clients the ability to analyze content from discussions, message boards & forums. We looked into developing the capabilities to harvest data from these uniquely formatted sources from scratch which proved to be both resource and time consuming as well as a non-cost effective solution for us, especially given the fact that discussions, message boards & forums are very different from all the other online social media platforms.”

Project Plan

After understanding that it would not be cost effective nor efficient to start building their own capabilities internally to crawl, unify and structure data from hundreds of thousands of sources including discussions, message boards & forums, FishEye Analytics at Kantar Media planned to outsource this process to a supplier that could meet their needs. 

“We planned to identify high quality data providers from sources including discussions, message boards & forums and to evaluate their service to see if they could accommodate our specific requirements.”

Project Goal

Fisheye Analytics main goal was to provide their clients with a higher quality service and to incorporate additional valuable elements to their offering that could give their clients information from a different perspective further enriching their analysis. 

“Our goal was to announce to our existing clientele and prospective clients that they could now amongst other services provided by FishEye Analytics, also tune into, monitor and analyze topics that they are interested in from discussions, message boards & forums from around the world.”

Selection process – what was important and why Webhose.io?

“During the trial phase, we verified the quality of the data being provided and we were very happy with what we saw. Our main objective was to confirm that at least one of the format options the data could be delivered in, could also be easily integrated with our other data platforms. The idea was to make the data analysis phase the same for data accumulated from discussions, message boards & forums as it is with our other source types. The coverage of the sources was satisfactory. We also came to realize that no other provider could match Webhose.io’s unique abilities in coverage, quality, source additions and flexibility. After that realization it was clear that there were no real alternatives that we would consider.”

Ease of use and Customer Service

“Once we had tried the API, the integration phase was smooth. There weren’t any surprises after we signed up. The customer service was very good, especially the way we received quick email responses to our queries on any technical matters to date.”

Summary of why we chose Webhose.io and how we were able to meet our goals.

“We chose Webhose.io because of the high quality of data that they provide, their great customer service and their unrivalled coverage. Going forward with Webhose.io was an obvious choice for us as we were able to surpass all of Our set objectives and in addition they provided a very cost effective solution for us. The API was simple, easy to use and complimented by a pampering customer service. Webhose.io helped Kantar Media achieve their set goal of expanding their array of services to now include monitoring and analyzing discussions, message boards & forums which is greatly appreciated by it’s clients.”


Webhose.io will continue to provide Kantar Media’s FishEye Analytics with a great service and as we evolve our capabilities going forward we aim to expand our mutually beneficial partnership.