Case Study: GetSentiment

GetSentiment Uses Webhose to Provide Better Sentiment Analysis

GetSentiment provides a data analysis system which aims to measure the emotional sentiment conveyed in free text. The system required a reliable data provider in order to both intake data to improve its own technology and in order to be able to provide its customers with low latency access to mentions of their own brands.
According to Viktor Pekar, an academic involved with the project, “Webhose turned out to be unique in that it works as a web search engine, which ensures sufficient volume of user-generated content.” Additionally, GetSentiment found that many other providers had restrictive policies surrounding how the data they provided could be used — but found Webhose sufficiently flexible to meet their needs.
Using Webhose, GetSentiment was able to demonstrate the power of its sophisticated algorithm to provide its customers with unprecedentedly granular sentiment analysis. The tool is widely used in the hospitality industry to help restaurant managers understand both customers’ overall perception of their businesses as to provide insights into specific aspects of the guest experience such as ambiance, service, and food.

About GetSentiment

GetSentiment provides text analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) allowing users to extract actionable data from natural text for better customer relationship management.

About Webhose, the brainchild of Ran Geva and Guy Mor, two entrepreneurs with extensive experience in technology, data mining and product development provides on-demand access to web data feeds. Webhose empowers you to build, launch, and scale data-driven operations as you grow. Every web data feed is optimized to deliver up-to-the-minute coverage of a specific content domain including news, blogs, online discussions and forums, and more.

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