Web Data Visualization of The Hillary Clinton Top 100 Network Graph

Posted on October 20, 2016 by ohadf

The web data business can get pretty tricky, especially when your job is to extract the broadest possible dataset from the planet’s biggest database. Last week, Webhose CEO Ran Geva ran a fun experiment to visualize Hillary Clinton’s web network. More precisely, who are the top 100 people most frequently mentioned in news articles and blog...

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Should you buy crawled web data or build your own solution?

Posted on October 10, 2016 by ohadf

In a technologically driven environment, the temptation to develop a proprietary web crawling solution is virtually irresistible. Our latest report examines the true cost of computing and software development resources required to deliver a data crawling and structuring solution at scale: Development & Maintenance Development could mean coding a proprietary solution from scratch, or modifying an existing crawling...

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Top 10 Big Data Stories Leading the Conversation

Posted on September 26, 2016 by ohadf

In the right hands, crawled web data can tell an amazing story. We were interested in the top 10 news stories – sorted by social shares on Facebook and LinkedIn. So we set up a simple news API request. We were looking for the stories published over the past 30 days returned by an exact match query for the term “big data”.  Here...

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The Race to Achieve 100% Coverage of the Web

Posted on September 19, 2016 by ohadf

In our new report, we deconstruct the all-too-familiar race to achieve 100% coverage of the web. Data acquisition efforts usually rely on one of three approaches – build an internal web crawling capability, rely on data providers, or implement a combination of both. The goal is to tap into as much structured web data as...

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Guide to Structured Web Data Consumption: How to get instant access to news, blogs, and online discussions

Posted on September 1, 2016 by ohadf

Hundreds of entrepreneurs, researchers, and data scientists contact us daily with questions about accessing structured web data. We put together our answers our new guide to Structured Web Data Consumption. The consumerization of web data It’s easy to fall into the trap of building a proprietary crawling and data structuring solution tailored to a particular...

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How to Keep Your Restaurant Sentiment Analysis Well-Fed

Posted on April 6, 2016 by webhose

When the team from London-based data analysis service GetSentiment developed a bleeding-edge system to measure the emotional baggage found in free text, they were missing just one thing: relevant data. “We were looking for a data provider that would be able to give access to sufficiently large amounts of frequently updated mentions of brands,” recalls...

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