Structuring the Dark Web!

Posted on January 24, 2018 by Webhose

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We’ve recently launched an exciting new addition to our dark web data feed (as featured on Betanews, ProgrammableWeb, and elsewhere): now, in addition to industry-leading breadth of coverage of the TOR network, we’ll also be structuring the extracted data so that it fits into a similar JSON format as our open web data feeds.

The enhanced dark web API now allows access to more granular information and metadata extracted from the content, such as post title, text, date, author and more. Using the structured data, users are able to gain high resolution visibility into the dark web, enabling developers to build advanced threat intelligence systems that can identify financial and cryptocurrency fraud, sales of stolen credit cards, and other illicit activities.

We hope the new addition will enable cybersecurity companies, public institutions and researchers to identify relevant information, within troves of content extracted from .onion domains, including market places, hidden forums and message boards.

Here’s an excerpt from a press release we issued on this topic:

“Often hidden behind multiple levels of encryption, the greatest challenge of the dark web is taking the time to actually reach and extract relevant data,” said Ran Geva, CEO of Webhose. “Our Dark Web Data Feed is one of the most comprehensive sources of crawled dark web data available today for cybersecurity companies and independent researchers. We have been extracting and parsing open web data for almost a decade, bringing years of experience in order to successfully structure the dark web as well.”