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Posted on July 8, 2020 by Webhose

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Marketplace for illegal goods such as drugs and their ingredients, counterfeit documents and money, and hacking services

  • Site Name: Hydra
  • Founded: 2015
  • Number of users: 3 million accounts
  • Typical Users: Interested in hacking, counterfeit currency, illicit drugs, database leaks, and tech

With over 5,000 vendors and 100,000 deals made daily on the site, Hydra is one of the top Russian marketplaces on the darknet. It’s a marketplace on the TOR network for illegal goods like drugs, counterfeit documents and money. As of 2019, the marketplace boasted 3 million members.

Since its founding, Hydra has grown rapidly. Each day there are almost 2,000 new posts, including threads and comments. In total, the marketplace has had over 6.5 million posts published in the forum.

According to our data, activity on the marketplace has decreased significantly by 50% in the 6 months prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Graph showing average of 20K visitors the 6 months prior to COVID-19 outbreak
Graph showing an average of 10K visitors in the 6 months after the COVID-19 outbreak

The Webhose repository includes posts with a date of publication of up to 10 years, and we managed to extract the first post from the Hydra marketplace in our Dark Web Monitoring API from May 5th, 2016.

First Hydra post

Since Hydra has a large number of posts containing counterfeit images, Webhose’s API continually monitors it to help LEA and other organizations identify counterfeit money and documents.

Forged documents for sale in Hydra

With Webhose’s image recognition feature that labels relevant images through metadata extraction, companies can categorize potential counterfeit posts and alert relevant points of contact.

Counterfeit money for sale in Hydra

Extracting data from Hydra can be challenging since the content is password protected and requires a CAPTCHA to login. Webhose overcomes the CAPTCHA as well as the login, automatically providing updated data in near-real-time.

Hydra is just one of the many sources we cover on the dark web. At Webhose, we are constantly discovering new sources – files, site, marketplaces, networks, and chat applications – to deliver the widest and most comprehensive coverage of dark web data in the industry.

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